Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero Weddings

I bought a Maggie gown for my wedding, and I even bought it blindly off of ebay. I knew what I wanted, and trusted in the quality of her gowns.

I sold wedding gowns for many years as a bridal consultant and learned that the quality of the gown, the quality of fabric, the internal fabric and stitching can really make a difference.

You may ask, ……..what makes her gowns so much better?

Most of her gowns are structured very well on the inside. On most of her heavier gowns have stitched-in boning that extends past the waist and into the hip.

Most wedding gowns do need additional support garments, especially if the fabric is thinner. Unless you have a perfect figure you can get away with no undergarments, but even the best figures need a little lift in their bras.

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