Wedding Reception Ideas: Fun Cotton Candy Sweets

Cotton Candy can really be a memorable wedding idea that guests will remember for years.  The fluffy candy is unique, fun, tasty and exciting.  Most people don’t have access to cotton candy except at the state fairs or carnivals that come around every year, which is why it is a GREAT idea.  It is the perfect idea to roll out when the dinner is done, and the dancing is about to begin.  You can buy a cotton candy machine at the lowest $45 dollars from Nostalgia Electrics Antique Cotton Candy Cart .  This machine is certainly affordable, although the reviews are not great.  It is perfect for a family who is wanting cotton candy every once in a while.  Many reviews say it makes very little candy, and takes forever to make one stick of candy.  The last thing you want at a wedding is to start making cotton candy and then have people wait 15 minutes for one stick.  For an investment of $340, you can get a top quality machine with a professional pink rolling cart that can make a garbage full of candy within 5- 7 minutes.  Interestingly enough, many people who tried the table top candy machine, upgraded to the Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine, and they rave about how easy it is to make cotton candy, and how quick it is to produce a stick of the yummy cotton sugar treat. Consider adding a cotton candy machine to your wedding reception.

Some Ideas To Think About:

– Use branches as your centerpieces, and the cotton candy as the flower buds, and bring out the machine when the music for the dancing begins.  People won’t even realize the centerpieces are made from cotton candy,  until someone clues in, and sparks the conversation from table to table. 

– Make tall centerpieces out of cotton candy and spread out the cotton.  It will look like pink clouds!  Be sure the vases are tall enough for your guests to see each other.  

Nostalgia Electrics Antique Cotton Candy Cart ONLY $46 Dollars

By Donna – Nostalgia Electrics Antique Cotton Candy Cart–  Fun Fun Fun!! Speedy delivery, arrived within 2 days of placing the order..I couldn’t wait to try out this darn cute little machine!Purchased the sugar for $7 and 200 cones for $3 (great bargain) at Zurcher’s, a local party store. My first 2 attempts resulted in a small amount of candy. But by the 3rd try I mastered it and produced huge and fluffy perfect balls of cotton candy!! Instead of swirling the cone around the bowl try grabbing the webbing at the top and then twirl it around the cone. That worked well for me! Now for the negatives, the cotton candy does not stay fluffy so make sure you eat it right away or they shrink to half the size. The machine does jump around quit a bit after you add the sugar. Not sure why but it is a bit annoying to have to hold on to the machine or wedge it against a heavy object to keep it in place. While clean up is a breeze removing the extractor head is a struggle. It takes my strong hubby to remove it!! And lastly, while wiping around the heating element I sliced my finger on the metal edging..Ouch!!

Other than that I am excited to try this out at our next family party which I’m sure will be a big hit with the kiddies and also the adults!!


By James Whitfield “Bathtubsink” Nostalgia Electrics Antique Cotton Candy Cart- I cringe when the kids say; dad can we make cotton candy!  This is a typical design for all low end toy like cotton candy machines. They are very slow to heat up, if your going to do more than about 3-4 cones plan on cleaning again and again. The floss head is very difficult to clean the burned sugar out of and there is no way to disassemble it (without removing the rivets). Soaking and scrubbing, shaking, plunging, dunking in hot soapy water, CLR, Clorox bleach, oven cleaner, high heat I have tried it all. You will spend more time cleaning than enjoying, but it’s not about us it’s the kids. 3-4cones = 1+ hrs plus cleaning time (30-45 min)fun fun fun

By Wayne Hendrix – Nostalgia Electrics Antique Cotton Candy CartI received one for Christmas and am not happy with it. Does it make cotton candy, yes, if you want to take fifteen minutes to make one very small cone. It cleans up easy and is simple to operate but it just doesnt work well; as soon as the sugar starts to melt it becomes unbalanced and vibrates all over the table, the sugar capacity is so low that you have to refill it several times to make one decent sized cone, and the production rate is extremely low, even for a home use item, if you were to use this at a party, the party would be over before everyone received cotton candy. The sides of the bowl are also too low and so my entire kitchen is covered with small granules of colored sugar.

By YouthfulTips Nostalgia Electrics Antique Cotton Candy Cart– At first, I couldn’t get it to work and I spent over an hour trying to get it to work. I did everything the instructions stated. I don’t know why but it seems like if you let it run for a big, five minutes or so, put the cotton candy sugar in, let it run a couple of minutes, shut it off, add a little bit more sugar and turn it back on, it will make the candy. I’ve had to do it this way the last three times that I’ve used it. Don’t know why it works, but it does for us. When it does work, it’s great. Considering the price, it’s not bad.

Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine

The Nostalgia Electronics CCM-600 Cotton-candy machine sells for $339, and is big enough to create enough cotton candy for all your wedding guests

. The unit features separate switches for turning on and off the heating element and the motor, and its anti-vibration, hydraulic spinning head ensures perfect, fluffy results. Simply pour sugar into the top, turn the unit on, and instantly make fresh carnival-style cotton candy. The unit works with regular sugar or a variety of flavored sugars that can be found on the Internet and at various local grocery stores.To add a little flavor and color to regular sugar, just mix a pinch of pre-sweetened Kool-Aid to the sugar. Resembling circus-style cotton-candy carts of the early 1900’s, the unit provides a convenient tray with a handle bar, a side rack that can hold up to six cones, two smooth-rolling wheels, and an easy-to-clean design. Approved for commercial use, the 600-watt ETL-approved cotton-candy machine measures 34 by 21 by 50-1/2 inches and carries a 90-day limited warranty.

By J. Chipp “honker” Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine  Having had a passion for cotton candy since I think birth, I was goofing around one day and came across this machine, and bought it. It was super easy to put together, good thing cuz the instruction sheet is a rough picture (just use the hex head screws on the bottom, the round heads for the trays, put a washer on everything. Long bolts for wheels, short bolts on front legs 3 screws hold the dome on.). No tools required, they give you everything. Perfect, no parts left over… always a good thing! I plugged the thing in and turned it on empty and everything spun centered. I then poured in the sugar they give me, and turned it back on. Within 2-3 seconds here came the cotton candy and within 20 seconds my wife was gobbling hers down. The machine also came with cones and 2 flavors of sugar so your all set to play right away. Cleanup is super easy too! The bowl is coated so the sugar line falls right off and wipes right out, that’s all there is to it, other than run all the sugar out of the spinner. This machine will be allot of fun for many years! It came with an extra set of brushes for the motor, and another set of fuses too. I missed Halloween this year but next year I will start a new tradition for the kids. One down thing is making cotton candy smokes up the house a little, but it’s happy sweet smoke, and although you can see it, it smells nice in here.

By SicilyJo Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine
Originally bought the tabletop Nostalgic for less than $50. Product should not be on the market — no cotton candy after trying for 45 minutes. Then, I saw this Nostalgic cotton candy machine cart and read the mostly positive reviews. I ordered it and am not disappointed. Yaayyy to a no-fat dessert whenever the mood strikes. This machine should not be considered “commercial” as it is definitely more of a family/home machine.
–Cotton candy started spinning out almost immediately.
–Good amount of cotton candy on cone
–Easy to use and clean
–Came with 2 packages of pink vanilla floss and 2 pkgs of blue raspberry floss; paper cones
–All tools for assembly provided
–Though it is a cart, doesn’t really take up that much space, especially if you leave off the cone holder attachment
–2 spare fuses provided
–Great price in comparison to other cotton candy machines
–Quiet machine when making cotton candy. Was pleasantly surprised!

–Terrible, awful, horrible directions for assembly. Incomplete information! The worst I have ever seen.
— Not all bolts fit properly as some of the holes were too small (and, yes, I used the correct bolt) There were enough bolts that did fit O.K., so machine is stable, however, I wouldn’t feel comfortable rolling it around here and there.
–A couple of springs were included, which I have no idea where they should go! I also had some left over bolts and screws.
–Some smoking when using it, though not enough to set off any smoke alarms.
–A fair amount of sugar doesn’t get spun and ends up wasted and scattered inside the bowl.

By Jarmir Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine
Until very recently if you wanted to purchase a cotton candy machine you had a choice of buying a $40 to $50 model that made very small amounts of cotton candy, or else a large commercial size machine starting at $500 (and the $500 models do not include the cart). Nostalgia has now come out with this great commercial grade machine that is priced just right and includes the cart, machine, and dome. I recently purchased one for my brother’s children and they are thrilled. My brother said that it was easy to assemble, the machine looks great, and it makes large amounts of cotton candy very quickly. This is exactly what we have been looking for!

By Felix Wilson –Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine This machine does what it says, it makes alot of cotton candy in a short time. Best investment in a long time.

By Mimi Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine
When we purchased this Cotton Candy machine, we had a doubt when it came to the capability of the product; was it good enough or should we purchase the real professional ones. Due to the price and the overall appearance we chose to buy the Nostalgia instead of the Gold Medal, which was way more expensive and you didn’t even get the cart. I must say that the machine has not failed. It is a success, especially if you only need it for small occasions like Birthdays etc. It produces good size Cotton Candy quick. Only thing is that is looses a lot of sugar, while spinning. I don’t know if this is normal, for all cotton candy machines, but the sugar that is not heated builds up on the inside of the bowl. After using the machine for 10-20 Cotton Candy you need to wash it, otherwise the cotton candy will stick to this sugar buildup. Like other reviews we have read, we also smoked up the house the first time. This is due to some of the cotton candy going back to the heater. But it is something I think you would have to live with, because of the relatively small, but good size bowl. Now we only use the machine outside. It was a good purchase especially if you take the price into consideration. The cart and machine has a good size, and is an eye catcher at every party.

By Donitra – Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine
I bought this cotton candy machine for my sons birthday party and it was a big hit!

By B. Francis Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine And fun too! I purchased this machine after trying the table top Nostalgia Electrics “retro” cotton candy maker. The table top machine simply did not work. After a half-hour of spinning, nothing but scattered sugar. Very disappointing. But this machine. WOW! It simply works GREAT. Just seconds after starting it up… cotton candy! I read the other reviews. And they’re right. This machine is lots of fun, and produces great, tasty cotton candy. I can’t imagine that a more expensive machine could work any better. So this is definitely worth the price. If you’re thinking of buying this — just do it. You won’t regret it.

By R. McDonald Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy MachineThis cotton candy Machine has worked great for us! we use it for all the kids birthday parties. My kids beg me to make it for them and their friends all the time! It makes the candy quickly. we use the paper cones to collect the cotton candy and tie a clear 13 gallon trash bag onto the cart and just put the candy in the bag. It fills a bag up in about 5-7 minutes. The assembly instructions were not good, I managed to get mine together with no extra parts left over, I roll it around from room to room no problem. Its very sturdy, and looks terrific. Its quite large and takes up a lot of space. The bowl is huge, I don’t know why other reviewers are saying the bowl isn’t big, mine is 2 feet across each way. Its lasted for years, still looks and works like new. There is only one problem with it. (if you want to call it a problem) after making a few batches and having it on a while, you will get some sugar that burns, it sets off my smoke detectors if I don’t turn on the ceiling fan and open the window a crack. the cotton candy itself tastes great. If it were not for this minor thing it would be a perfect machine. be warned if you buy it you will have every kid in the neighborhood at your house! (and all your friends will ask to borrow it for their kids parties)

By mo2lg – Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine I have to agree with the reviews that say this was a good investment. While this unit is far from cheap, it is a lot less than most commercial machines on the market. The smaller Nostalgia cotton candy machines are really a waste of money, so if you want a semi-commercial machine that makes a lot of cotton candy quickly – this is the one for you! I have never owned a commercial machine, so I can’t compare this unit to a commercial unit, but I can say it does what it is supposed to and the kids get a total kick out of watching the cotton candy form from the sugar and they LOVE that they can make cotton candy in their own backyard! The machine does smoke (it is the sugar burning off of the heating element) but if I know I am making several cotton candy cones, I either move the unit outside, or just open a door. It isn’t an excessive amount of smoke, but it will sometimes set off the smoke alarm for a few seconds. It is also pretty easy to clean and SO EASY to use (which I love)! As all of Nostalgia’s products, the assembly instructions are useless. You are better off looking at the picture on the box and assembling it yourself. Overall, my family is THRILLED with this machine. We definitely have our money’s worth out of it and it is the hit of all my kids’ friends! It is our favorite toy!

By Nancy A. Shriver “Nostalgia Electrics CCM-600 Full-Size Cotton-Candy Machine  I like my machine. It looks impressive, makes cotton candy very quickly, and it extremely easy to use. My 15 year old son assembled it for me in 15 minutes. It was easy for him because he had just built a popcorn machine from the same manufacturer.  There were some funky springs that we didn’t know what to do with. I called the company, and they are pretty clueless, but at least nice about it. There is some smoke and it does set off alarms if used in a closed area. We have a sunroom with windows, so this alleviates this problem. The instructions say not to use outdoors, yet it says perfect for family picnics. Pretty funny, really. We have used this outside and had no problems.  I use this for my business and love it. Looks are very important in my business so a cute machine that works quickly gets an A+ in my book.  P.S. I never thought I liked cotton candy, but after getting this, I’m addicted. Yummy.

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