Wedding Ideas For Food Presentation

While it may seem silly, the appearance of a plate of food razzled with carefully molded trimmings can seem to taste better to most people than top quality food served with no garnishes.  It seems like the art of food presentation is rarely seen today, even at weddings themselves.  The concept of edible art is glamorous.   How can anyone deny trying a pretty dessert even if it is small and dainty?  Even the slightest special touches in culinary preparation can change a way a person views a dish.  It becomes a a new experience of excitement and adventure.  Presentation can transform the act of eating into a new experience that cannot be forgotten, even if the taste of the food is just ordinary. Who could forget the 2006 Movie Marie Antoinette, when Ladurée provided luxury cakes and pastries that were seen in the movie, and became some of the most wonderful food presentations we have seen in in film in decades.   Jordan wraps their white almonds in Gold foil to achieve an elegant look.

Instead of having a buffet table of deserts that guests have to cut themselves, why not have deserts already on plates, lined up in rows? Cut strawberries, and and other fruits to line the plates while cake is stacked on top. While many guests wouldn’t sample more than 5 or 6 almonds, having 2 on a desert plate would be a luxury that would be memorable. Sprucing up a buffet with simple cut garnishes can be one of the most memorable expressions that will make all the difference. People will be truly dazzled by these extra little touches.

Jordan Gold Almonds For Your Wedding Presentations – Foil Wrap – Gold, BUY IN BULK!  5 lbs

Order Silver Foiled Almonds to coordinate with these lovely silver finish serving trays.  BNF sells them for $6.67 each, but they also can be ordered NEW for as little as $1.99 each on Amazon!  Line up your desserts, or apps on these lovely looking silver trays which can be brought around to your wedding guests!   Jordan also sells silver foiled almonds in 5 lbs

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