Wedded Chaos: How to Stay Organized While Planning

As the economy seems to slow down, more Brides are becoming creative with their reception ideas. Here you see a humble low cost country wedding reception in a barn, and does it ever look fabulous.

If you are getting married soon, congratulations are in order! And then, if your wedding planning is going like most wedding planning seems to, you also need a hug, a good meal and maybe a stiff drink. A wedding is a big event, and if you have never planned anything so large before, you will find that it is important to keep your wits about you. What can you do to make sure that you are getting your goals accomplished?

Stay in Contact

It can be easy to become so busy that you get isolated when you are looking at getting married. However, a wedding is a stressful time when you need your loved ones around you. At the very least, if you stay in touch, they can help you do what you need to do. If you are having a rough day, find someone who will listen to you.

Connect With Your Significant Other

Plenty of couples find that they drift apart during the wedding prep rather than coming closer together. In the midst of a busy planning session, it is easy to lose track of one another. Make sure that you consider what kind of contact you can have with them. Touch base, treat each other to food, and remember that a wedding is a joint enterprise.

Create a Master Schedule

If you are someone who is deeply invested in staying organized, create a schedule at the beginning. This master schedule should cover everything that needs to be done for the wedding and when it needs to be finished. For example, things like wedding dress fittings, invitations and hall bookings should be on this list, as should things like finding an officiant and a DJ. Put this schedule online and make sure that everyone involved in your wedding can access it.

Consider Self Storage

Having a storage unit close to hand where you can keep all of your wedding supplies can keep you a lot more organized, and it can also make sure that your home stays uncluttered.

Do Non-Wedding Things

It is too easy to let the wedding eat your life. To make sure that you still feel like yourself, take a moment to consider what non-wedding things you can do. Keep up with your exercise routine and make sure that you are capable of getting to classes or out to your volunteer activities. Having a refuge from the wedding is something that can help you stay grounded. 

Vogue Russia March 2008 Natalia Vodianova by Steven Meisel

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Sweet Peas can make stunning wedding arrangements, and are known for their elegant richly colored delicate flowers. Sweet peas carry an ornamental look often giving the appeal of lacy blooms and bright green vines.

Lathyrus odoratus is the real name of the sweet pea flower, and means “delicate pleasures”. The flower does have a delicate balance to it which has made it a classic pick through out the years. Sweet peas are a cool weather plant, and will fill an empty space in the garden after the spring bulbs have faded and just before the summer flowers take their place.

Bringing them in for use in floral arrangements will cause them to produce even more blooms. When making arrangements with sweet peas, the over all look should be light and airy. Sweet Peas look wonderful all on their own without any additional flowers, as Home Beautiful features them alone in a trumpet vase in their article Our Favorite Vases and Flower Arrangements. Sweet peas can be traced back to Harry Eckford, a Scottish nurseryman, who crossbred the original flower which created a ornamental light sweetly scented sweet pea you see today.

Lighter Colored Bridesmaid Gowns- Source Paper Lace Photography From Blog Weddingish

I love this photo because the bride hasn’t limited her girlfriends to just one dress, but rather a color scheme. Lighter colored bridesmaid gowns can bring prestige to a wedding party. The colors are also timeless.

Wish Upon A Star features whimsical authentic jewelry by designers Michal Negrin, Ayala Bar, Adaya and Amaro. Brand new in original gift boxes. Perfect for the bride who wants to add color to her own gown, or wants to add a antique look to her bridesmaids. Michal Negrin is an Israeli designer who started selling her jewelry in 1988 in Tel Aviv’s marketplace. Her company employs 160 artisans who produce Negrin’s handmade designs


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