Unique Weddings: How to Walk the Nontraditional Aisle

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When we talk of weddings, the white ball gown, the ‘here comes the bride’ instrumental and the white gigantic cakes usually come up. We have seen so many cookie cutter weddings that some nontraditional elements can be a breath of fresh air. Here are some wedding elements that you can put a nontraditional spin on to showcase your personality and spunk as a couple.

The Colored/ Printed Dress

Most of us picture a bride in a big white dress. However, there are some brides who have envisioned themselves walking down the aisle in something a little less conventional and a little more personalized. Colored or printed wedding dresses are bold and are a fun alternative to the usual whites.

Musical Entrances

This trend is brought about by the many videos that we see online of couples dancing their way into happily ever after. This is especially fun to watch when the whole entourage, including the parents join in. Your wedding band will be very glad to oblige in putting together a tune that can make this more personalized. Aside from showing the couple’s creativity off, this nontraditional entrance also eases the tension and pressure associated with events as big and important as a wedding.


The tiered wedding cake looks grand and festive. Traditional wedding celebrations include a part where the bride and groom cuts through and share a cake. Many couples have put a spin on that by sharing cupcakes instead. Wedding cupcakes became an easy trend because they can conveniently be distributed to the guests without ruining the design because they are decorated individually. A tiered wedding cake look can also be easily achieved by using a cupcake tower.

Unique Accessories

There are many nontraditional spins that you can put into your wedding accessories. You can incorporate flowers made of fabric and other materials in the bouquet, you can be bold enough to wear a red veil, a fun boutonniere or show your personality in a unique jewelry. These details may be small but they can add a fresh spin to the usual accessories brides or grooms walk the aisle with.


Many weddings and receptions now take place outside the traditional churches and function halls. Many couples now tie the knot in nontraditional venues like beaches and gardens. The more adventurous couples even go as far as holding their weddings underwater, on a hot air balloon or on a mountain top.

Themed Wedding

Some couples stay away from the usual whites and flowers that adorn most traditional weddings. Instead, they go for themed weddings. Nowadays, we can see a lot of exciting weddings like fairy tale or sports themed weddings. Many couples also incorporate their own cultures and origins. Themed weddings add a lot of personality to a wedding. More and more couples put time and effort into themed weddings because it gives them the opportunity to share a part of themselves and their interests to their family and friends.

Ready to walk the nontraditional aisle?

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