Unconventional Bachelorette Parties

Standard bachelorette parties are fun, but you don’t have to choose the usual fare when it comes to your farewell to single life. Fantastic options are available to suit every bride and every lifestyle. From luxurious spa days to silly parties you will never forget, the perfect party is waiting for you. Here are a few ideas for your last party as a carefree single woman.

Luxurious Pampering

If you’re not interested in strippers and booze, then the right answer for you might be a spa day. Sit back, let yourself be pampered, and enjoy how amazing you feel afterward. There is no risk of hangovers, embarrassing pictures, or pre-wedding day arguments over what went on at the party. Incredibly relaxing, it will melt away the stress of wedding planning and help you prepare yourself to be the beautiful center of attention at the wedding.

Sophisticated Wine Tasting

Rent a limo and prepare to enjoy all the wine flavors available in your area. Schedule a tour if you live near any vineyards, or just travel around with a collection of the hottest wines. Choose your favorite and enjoy an evening of fellowship, friendship, and incredible new flavors.

Get Crazy

If you need to blow off some steam and want to laugh harder than you ever have before, then consider something crazy and a little different. Have an ugly dress party where you gather up cheap and hideous dresses and let your brides maids try them on. Once everyone has chosen the ugliest dress, you can head out for your night on the town.

Karaoke in Matching T-Shirts

Karaoke is always a blast, but it’s better when you proudly show off your connection to each other. Invest in personalized matching T-shirts celebrating the big event, and then head out together to your favorite hot spots. Whether you choose bright colors with a happy message about the pending nuptials, or prison orange with a picture of the groom in chains, you are sure to have a great time and draw plenty of attention in your matching shirts.

Make it a Weekend

If you’re going to make it a weekend, head someplace fun and memorable. Head out to Vegas for a great time in the casinos, or go to a music festival to catch your favorite bands. If you prefer roughing it and are trying to save money, then a camping trip could be the right choice for you. Spending the weekend with your girls will give you more time to reminisce, share dating stories and say farewell to this stage of your life.

There are countless ideas for fun bachelorette parties. Whether you want clean fun, something a little more daring, or a relaxing and sophisticated time, you can tailor the party to suit your needs. Even if you have given the maid of honor free reign on the party, you can still drop some hints about cool ideas that you think would be fun. If alcohol is part of the plans, then invest in either a limo or make sure you have a designated driver to keep everyone safe.

Picture Credit Bachelorette Party Ideas

Suzanne Martin is a freelance blogger who enjoys party planning. If you are looking to plan a bachelorette party, head over to www.personalisedtshirts.com to create some matching shirts for the occasion.

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  • http://www.bigdotofhappiness.com Melissa

    Wonderful ideas. I especially love the idea of making it a weekend, it may take a little more planning, but should make for some lasting memories and bonding.