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Wedding Ideas – Tree Centerpieces- From Graham and Green

Are you finding your wedding budget is almost to its max, yet your wedding decor looks rather empty? Extra large centerpieces can cost upwards up to $500 dollars a piece which would be out of the budget for most brides.  Consider tree centerpieces, which can create a dramatic presence without costing you a fortune.   Celebrity parties are known for their ultra glam interiors with are often decked out with thousands of dollars of floral arrangements, crystal chandeliers, and lavish furniture.  Often times people are wowed with the sheer amount of decorations they use, which also can be acheived with tree branches, natural or spray painted, and decked out with glass votives, mini white lights, or flowers.  Tall branches can add height to your reception and can go a long way to filling up a giagantic reception space.

Tree branches can be easily dressed up with spray paint.  The most luxurious look for tree branches would be either gold, silver or white for a wedding theme.  Rustoleums Bright Gold and Silver is the best spray paint on the market for a reasonable price point.

Graham and Green  creates an intimate setting by wrapping natural branches in white mini lights.   Mini lights with white wires might work nicer with white painted branches, which might disquise the electrical wiring that powers the lights.

Martha Stewart

White would be the ideal choice for a wedding and could be a great base for adding both crystals and pearls.  Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Multi-Purpose Spray Paint is a paint I would highly reccomend.  It covers 2 times as much as a regular spray paint.  It costs close to 5 dollars so it is reccemended priming the branches with white paint by hand before using spray which will save you a ton of money.  Hand painting most of the branches to begin will build a white base allowing you to save the cost of additional spray paint.  Think of the spray paint as your final coat.  Your final coat can be either a satin, semigloss, or gloss.  Select the finish you are most attracted to.

Positioning a branch in a vase which it stays on its own can be a challenge.  You will need to find both a tall vase which can be filled up with heavy material and also beautiful enough to be a wedding centerpiece.

My best suggestion to hold your branch centerpieces would be the Asian Palace Porcelain Vase Urn Bowl Five Piece Set which sells for 14 dollars.  This set is one of the few ornate vases available on amazon within a reasonable price, but also rather tall, giving enough room to fill up your vase with heavy rocks, which will keep it from falling over.

Another close comparision is the Romantic Rose Tin Vases Set of 2 w/ Liners Floral.  It is not as high end, but would hold a very large tree, and still look very beautiful. 

When positioning the branch into the vase, fill in some heavy rocks and then anchor this mixture together with expandable foam .   My best suggestion when using this foam is to add a little bit of foam, and then rocks, and keep layering it one after another so the foam works like glue.  Adding the expanding foam at the end will only seal the vase, where as adding it as you go will allow everything to be glued together.  Expandable foam expands, so you will want to layer in the rocks to control the expanding so it doesn’t get out of control.  Your foam will expand even more after it sets, so be sure to use the filling up to 75 percent of the vase.  If by chance the foam expands past the vase, you can chip it off with a knife, but it might be a good idea to place a garbage bag around the vase itself so any extra expanding foam would land on the garbage bag, which will make it easier to remove.

Another idea is to add concrete cement to your mixture.  I haven’t tried filling up a vase with concrete, but does have some incentives, that being it will add even more weight to the centerpiece which will minimize any tipping if you plan on adding extra decorations to the tree later on.

The Asian Palace Porcelain Vase Urn Bowl Five Piece Set is featured on two different suppliers, one being Furniture Creations which sells the set for $46.67, and again with Furniture Creations at $13.63 .  I don’t understand why they have such a dramatic price difference, but at this time, they have over 10 sets available.  With this set you are looking at 7 dollars per table just on the vase accessories.  The two large vases would be used for the tree branch centerpiece on each table, while one table can feature two tall mini vases with an orchid, and another table can have one bowls which can hold more flowers.  Not only does this set look very high end and expensive, it gives you a lot of opportunity to draw out some of the colors of the vase in selecting flowers that can be glued on to the branches.

One lady leaves her review saying she loved it!

This was bought as a gift for my sister in law, who loved them. The manufacturer packaging is crud so expect to have to contact the seller for replacement parts. The pieces are true to size, larger than I expected which was a nice surprise. Part of me was expecting small to medium sized vases with miniature counterparts, when it’s actually a very nice large vase and urn, a nice small pair as well and a medium to large bowl. They are all marked “for decorative use only” which to me means it may contain lead or something so don’t serve wine out of it (or let small children lick it repeatedly) More likely it just can’t stand up to food acids or something. The painting is quite pretty and true to the picture. The ceramic itself if on the thick side and not very smooth to the touch. For ornamental pieces I think they do the trick.. and you can’t beat the price… I think I got a very good deal. I didn’t have any guilt in giving them as a gift, and my sister in law was impressed with her gift since she was sure it was over the dollar limit we had for gifts. At that, she didn’t get the bowl. It broke in the original shipping box, and our gift exchange happened between then and getting the replacement. I’m holding that piece back for her B-day!

Another Review

Just received my 5 piece Asian Palace vase set today and they look great! It looks like they are all hand painted. Was expecting very thin type porcelain, but they are quite thick. Just can’t beat the price! Wish they made more sets like this one so I can order another design!

You simply cannot beat this price, for such an ornate set.  Finding another vase which is quite beautiful while being able to hold a fair bit of rocks to center the tree is quite hard, so I think this 5 piece set does the job while adding extra pieces to your wedding table.

I also see plenty of this exact same set on ebay starting at 1 dollar.

Depending on your theme, you will want to either add light or color to your centerpieces.  Adding some light will create a stunning mood when the lights are turned down.  Everyone wants to dine by candlelight, and the best weddings are those which can create an intimate memorable setting.

It would be ideal to have the centerpiece that has both lights and flowers or crystals.  The best time to shop for christmas mini lights is after Christmas.  Ebay is the very best place to buy in bulk.  Often times manufactures will want to get rid of several boxes, so the more you can get for a lower price the better.  Keep your eye on ebay as it can present the best quanity for the lowest price point, or keep a look out on your local classifieds.  Craigslist is one of my favorite places to look for discounted materials, so don’t be afraid to post a “wanted- YOUR Christmas lights”  You can always purchase replacement white bulbs to exchange out the colored ones with.

Ever Glow as a set of 100 lights for only 6 dollars.

You may also want to check out Decorating with Mini-Lights: 40 Sparkling Ideas & Projects for Home & Garden .  Much more economical, safer than candles, mini lights produce beautiful effects indoors and out.  The ideas range from traditional white to colored ideas.

Another brilliant idea is to use tealights in glass holders.

Formally called Votives, they can hold your candles while reducing the risk of fire.

My favorite choices are:

1.  The simple and elegant set of 4 Hanging Votive Holder Set for $27 dollars

As you can see in the Frosted set of three Votive Holders from Danya, the wire could be made on your own, if you find a whole sale lot of deep candle glass holders.  The only stipulation to making them on your own would be finding heavy duty wire that will not sag with the weight of the candle, and finding a candle that would feature a lip in order for the wire not to fall off.

Quick Candles has a lot of  72 candles priced at 32 dollars which has a lip in the glass where the wire could hold on.   You will have to decide if the savings is worth the time invested in creating the wiring.

Hanging crystals and crystal garlands, is another way of brightening up your centerpiece while adding elegance to your wedding.  Diamond Party Confetti features acrylic crystals on strings which can be draped though your tree centerpieces.  Chandelier Prisms would also work on these trees, and can be bought in lots off of ebay.

Chinese exotic florals would be a beautiful choice for a colorful summer wedding, while oversized white peonies would add a very unique look simular to an English garden.  Small delicate white flowers can be hot glued on to the branches creating a very delicate look to your centerpieces.  Artificial butterflies in striking colors can add a bit of interest, while white birds can add an elegant touch to your surroundings.  With white branches, consider a light dusting of white glitter which will give an over all look of shimmer without overdoing it.

Simply Splendid Swirl Glass Mini Bird Ornaments, Set of 4, 1 Inch Tall

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