Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Dress

Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Dress

If you’re a bride-to-be and you know how to sew, there are several great reasons to make your own wedding dress. Making your own gown gives you complete control over the design, style, color, and choice of fabric. It also eliminates the need to go on a hunt for the perfect dress, possibly saving you a small fortune since the cost to make a gown is much less than buying one off the rack. If you’re up to the challenge of making your own wedding dress, check out the helpful tips featured for you here.

Incorporate Your Favorite Elements

If you’ve decided to make your own wedding dress, you probably have some idea of what you want it to look like. If you’re still looking for some ideas or are unsure about certain aspects of the dress, flip through some bridal magazines or check out online photo galleries of wedding gowns. Clip out or bookmark pictures of dresses that you like, ones that would flatter your body-type, and then set them aside. Bring the clippings along with you when you shop for a pattern to make it easier to find one that incorporates all of your favorite design elements.

Take Meticulous Measurements

Accurate measurements are essential when it comes to making a wedding dress. Ask a family member or friend to help you take your measurements. If someone else does it for you, you can stand up straight and tall without contorting yourself in order to read the measurements. Take measurements of yourself on a fairly regular basis just in case your weight fluctuates–that way you’ll know if any alterations need to be made well before the big day.

Choose Fabric Wisely

Wedding dresses are made out of many different fabrics. Silk, a natural fiber, is a popular choice, as are many synthetic materials including acetate, polyester, and nylon. Satin is commonly used to make wedding gowns, and since it can be made from either silk or from synthetic material, there are several options to consider. When you start choosing fabrics to make your dress, keep your budget in mind, as well as you’re skill level when it comes to sewing. Some fabrics are more difficult to work with than others, and if you choose something like chiffon, for example, you may need the assistance of a dressmaker if you find that it’s too challenging for you to work with.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you make your dress using your chosen fabrics, make a practice gown out of muslin or another cheap type of fabric well in advance. That way you can decide if the style of dress is flattering to you and change design element as needed, you can practice fitting and alterations, and you won’t waste any of your expensive fabric in the event that you make a major mistake in the learning process.

Create a Bustle

If you are making a detachable train for your dress, you won’t need to worry about creating a bustle. If, however, you want your dress to have a train that doesn’t detach, you’ll definitely want to bustle the dress so that you can move about, mingle, and dance at your reception.

Pay Attention to Small Details

When making your own wedding dress, pay close attention to the details. For example, don’t forget about what the back of your dress looks like. During the wedding ceremony, your back will be turned towards your guests for much of the time–and this means that the back of the dress should look just as amazing as the front. If you like the convenience of a zipper for dressing and undressing, consider hiding one in a side seam instead of on the back. That way you can either place decorative buttons down the back, or incorporate some other design that won’t be marred by the presence of a zipper. If the design of your dress includes a combination of bead, lace, or sequin detail–know how much is too much. Sometimes if there are too many things going on within the design, the dress can end up looking too busy or simply overworked.

Ask for Assistance

Making your own wedding dress can be a very challenging endeavor, and unless you’re a master seamstress, you can expect to run into a snag or two along the way. If you need some advice or run into a problem that you can’t seem to figure out yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for some assistance. From family members and friends to dressmakers and tailors, there are plenty of options if you need to call for back-up.

Above all, when you make your own wedding dress, have fun with the process. A handmade dress created by you, for you, is one that you’ll cherish forever–a treasured keepsake that you can pass on someday as a token of your special day.

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