Thoughtful Ways To Thank Your Bridesmaids

A wedding is a very special, yet overwhelming event for everyone involved. From the bride and groom to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, everyone has their fair share of responsibility. Before or after a wedding, most brides like to thank their bridesmaids by giving them a special gift out of appreciation. If you are a bride and would like to know some thoughtful ways to thank your bridesmaids, check out the following ideas.

Give Them a Special, Unique Gift

To show your thanks, there are many great gift items you can give to your bridesmaids. If you would like to give something to your bridesmaids that will help them remember the special day, pretty picture frames featuring a photo of all of you together is a wonderful idea. Keep in mind that all the picture frames do not need to be the same. In fact, giving each bridesmaid a different, unique frame will show that you put some thought into it. Another great gift idea for your bridesmaids is anything monogrammed with their names. Whether it is stationery, hand towels, or photo albums, gifts that have been personalized for your bridesmaids are always a hit. High-quality bath and body products, candles, and jewelry are always great ideas for bridesmaids’ gifts as well. If you are having trouble deciding on a gift item for your bridesmaids, you can always choose to give them gift cards to their favorite stores. Although this is a bit less personal, they will still notice your appreciation.

Take Them Out to Dinner

Another thoughtful way to thank your bridesmaids is to take them all out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Not only will it be a yummy dining experience, but it will also be the perfect opportunity to relax and reflect on the big day you all participated in. If you are on a tight budget, you can always choose a restaurant that is moderately-priced. Your bridesmaids will not care how much dinner costs, as long as you make the effort to show your appreciation to them. If you choose the dinner route, you may still want to give them a small gift as a way of saying thanks. After dinner, go out for a few drinks and enjoy the time with your bridesmaids.

Send Them to the Spa

Giving your bridesmaids a trip to the spa is also a wonderful way to thank them. Give them a spa package that contains a massage, facial, and any other services you would like to include. Although this idea is a bit more expensive, your bridesmaids are sure to love every minute of it. Your gratitude will most definitely show through such an amazing gift. You can also set up a day where all of you attend the spa together. This will be more of a personal, special experience for everyone.

All of these ideas are thoughtful ways to thank your bridesmaids. No matter your budget, there is always something nice you can do to show your appreciation to them. By taking the time to show your thanks, your bridesmaids will feel great knowing they were a part of your special day.

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  • Rashir

    I have four sisters, a nehepw on my side and a godson. My fiance has 4 neices and two nehepws and a god-daughter. We also have a little girl, I have two best friends and one woman who means the world to me and who will be my moh. If i had all of them we would have 17 attendants and that is without my oh’s ushers and best men. Obviously this would be impossible so i’ve decided to have my 4 sisters and our daughter as bridesmaids, my moh and to involve my two best friends they will be doing readings. Its caused a lot of hassle with family that his nieces aren’t involved and with everyone else who feels they need an opinion! Xxx