The Pros And Cons Of Holiday Weddings

Winter Wedding Ideas – Pictured is Cate Blanchett Photo By Annie Lleibovitz

Are you thinking of having a wedding during the holidays? At first blush it can seem like a really tempting idea for brides who are searching for unique and creative wedding ideas. After all, for most people it is one of the most memorable times of the year. But the truth is that holiday weddings can create a lot of headaches. It is very important to weigh the pros and the cons before committing to a wedding date during the holidays. In this article we will examine many of the pros and cons of holiday weddings so that you can make the very best decision about whether or not a holiday wedding is right for you.


*It is often easier for the couple and other family members to get time off around the holidays.

*Often family members who live some distance away are already planning to come into town for the holidays.

*The lights and decorations of the holiday season can be easily incorporated into a holiday-themed wedding.

*If there is snow on the ground that can provide a gorgeous background for wedding pictures.

*People are in the mood to celebrate during the holiday season, and thus a holiday wedding may be more likely to have a festive atmosphere.


*You and your future spouse will be busy during the holidays.  Do you want to add a wedding on top of that?

*Your families will be extremely busy during the holidays.  Are they going to be willing to help with wedding preparations?

*Will your guests be available during the holidays?  Many people make plans for the holidays a long, long time in advance and do not like to change them.

*Often wedding locations and wedding vendors are booked with holiday events.

*A holiday wedding during the winter can often mean bad weather.  Will your guests be able to get to the wedding if bad weather does break out?

These are some things to definitely think about.  As fun as the idea of a holiday wedding may seem, the truth is that you have to consider the holiday plans of your guests and relatives.  Will all of the people that you want to be there be able to attend a holiday wedding?  Is it simply a time that is too busy and too chaotic for everyone?  Would one bad snow storm have the potential to ruin your wedding?

Each situation is different.  Many couples have had amazing holiday weddings.  Others wish that they would have avoided the hassle.  Whatever you decide, work at it with all of your heart and make your wedding day as special as it can be!

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  • Tanger

    Good tips and information,thanks!

  • Detra Laven

    Oh my goodness. I am all for having a down-to-earth not overdone just normal and beautiful wedding, but seeing that is now makes me want to go for all out glam. That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and I know I will watch it over and over again.