The Most Beautiful Brooch Bouquets On Etsy

Fabric Wedding Bouquet, Brooch Bouquet From Cultivar On etsyThis Brooch Bouquet by  Cultivar on etsy is one of the prettiest I have seen. 

A few rhinestones can go a long way. 

Brooch bouquets are a brilliant accessory for your bridal wardrobe.  It turns an ordinary flower bouquet into a piece of art.  Imagine this, you are walking down the isle, and from several feet away your bouquet glitters in the light.  Your groom is taken back by your beauty and the sheer elegance of your dress and how your jewelry glistens.  You are captivating!

Brooch bouquets are beautiful, but they also can add a bit of vintage flare to your  wedding look.  If grandma has an old brooch, why not carry a piece of her down the isle?  This very unique idea can bring together the specialness of family as you start your life with your husband.

You can buy a brooch bouquet already made through etsy, or attempt making your own.  There are tons of ideas out there that include color, and ranges of flowers which are incorporated into the bouquet.

I find the nicest bouquets are those which the jewelry on the arrangement carries the same theme.  Either all the pieces work with silver and pearls, or is fashioned after the rhinestone pave styles.  Having a mixture of colors, and styles can appeal to many brides who want that whimsical look, but rarely do you see a combination of jewelry which carry a theme.

I stumbled across Beauty Story, an ebay store which offers jewelry at wholesale cost.  They sell rhinestone brooches for under 5 dollars a piece, which is rather flabbergasting. At these prices, it can be affordable to put together a stunning bouquet without it having to cost you a bundle.  Add extra sparkle to gift favors, corsages and boutonnieres, or dress up table displays with brooches. Etsy also features dealers who sell bulk jewelry that have comparable prices.

Here are my picks From Beauty Story On Ebay

– Austrian Rhinestone Choker Necklace $7.19 here

-Rhinestone Tiara Headband $5.89 here

– Faux Tortoise Shell Crystal Headbands $4.89 here

Wedding Bouquet From Natalie Klestov

You can buy spectacular brooch bouquets on ebay.  This one from costs $55 dollars, and is one of the prettiest from my selections below. 

Wholesale Rhinestone Pearl Jewelry

Here we see a combination of rhinestones and pearls. 

Pearl Brooches From Beauty Story starting at around $3.99 each- here

Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry

In my opinion, these are the prettiest brooches they carry……

Austrian Rhinestone Crystal Peal Flower Bouquet Brooch $3.99 here

Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry

Add in a few crystal animals into your bouquet……

Add some fun bling to your corsages…..

Rhinestone crystal animal brooch pin $2.59 here

Wholesale 9 pcs Austrian Rhinestone Crystal Bouquet Flower Brooch Pin $24 Dollars

Wholesale 9 pcs Austrian Rhinestone Crystal Bouquet  LOT $24 here

Blue Tiffany BoxesBlue Tiffany Boxes- Borrow their iconic look for gift favors:

Tiffany Blue Wedding Favors

Tiffany Blue Cube Wedding Favor Boxes 2″x2″x2″ 100 Boxes for $19 Dollars here

Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry

Alphabet Rhinestone Pins

Austrian rhinestone crystal English Letter brooch pin- $2.69 here

Austrian Crystal English Letter Brooches in simulation gold here

26 pcs Full Set Silver English Letters Rhinestone Crystal Brooch Pin $45 here

Austrian Rhinestone Crystal Bouquet Flower Brooch Pin Buckle

Austrian Rhinestone Crystal Bouquet Flower Brooch Pin Buckle $16.49 here

Bridal Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Feather Bouquet, 1920s Wedding, Mint Bouquet, Brooch Bouquet, Great Gatsby Wedding

Bridal Bouquet, Wedding Bouquet, Feather Bouquet, 1920s Wedding, Mint Bouquet, Brooch Bouquet, Great Gatsby Wedding From on etsy

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