The 5 Most Important Things To Tackle When Planning Your Wedding

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The most amazing and the most dreamt moment in any ones life is to plan his/her wedding. A wedding is a very imperative occasion for both bride and a groom. On this very day they both promises to spend the rest of their lives with each other happily, and caring for each other. So there are a lot of things which are included while planning a wedding for both the bride and a groom. Let’s have a look at what they must do at the time of their wedding.

Following is a preparation of the list for wedding that a bride and a groom have to make.

1. Invitations:

Invitations for the wedding are necessary. Giving invitations to the guests is a part of every culture of the world. However, the ways of invitations could differ. But the most common way of inviting guests is the invitation cards. Most of the people spend pretty much on a unique invitation card to attract a guest.

2. Dresses:

Selection of dresses for both bride and a groom is an important decision to make for both of them especially for the bride, as it’s the most important day of her life and she has to look most stunning and beautiful in the whole event. Brides usually hire famous designers to design their wedding dresses it is also one of a most important expense of a wedding, however grooms are also following the brides in this case. As they also have to look handsome man in his wedding so he also get a three-piece suit designed for him by any famous brand or from a designer.

3. The Cake:

It’s usually a tradition to now cut a cake on the wedding day, the bride and a groom both cut a cake together of their wedding to celebrate the beginning of their life together.

4. Venue:

Decision for the venue is usually a mutual decision on a wedding. As bride and groom have to welcome their guests so it is important for them to decide a place which is convenient for their guests. Mostly the wedding venues are somewhere near a lake which adds a beauty to the event.

5. Menu:

Deciding a menu for a wedding is the most difficult and an important task to do, in this task both the bride and a groom and even sometimes their families involves making a delicious menu for the wedding day as no one of them wants to disappoint their guests at the wedding day. Most people start the wedding event by some appetizers and then after photo sessions, the main course of the food is served to guests. The main course usually consists of some most mouthwatering and delicious food items which the guests usually likes.

There are usually two possibilities which a bride and a groom choose. One of them is the DIY wedding planning, or sometimes they just go for a wedding planner. By hiring a wedding planner means that you gave all the above mentioned responsibilities to the planner and you can just pass your suggestions on what you want and what you don’t. Wedding planners are an ease these days as they have every solution for the wedding day.

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