How To Use An Event Venue Wisely When Planning Your Wedding Reception

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Regardless of whether an event space has its own character or is a blank slate, you’ll want to decorate it to dress it up, help it fit your theme and match it to the type of event you’re hosting. […]

What is Absolutely Needed for a Great Wedding Reception?

By Scott Humphrey

The reception is the ultimate party of your adult life, but it has to be done right, and a big part of the after party experience is the place where you have it.  It is also quite possibly the biggest expense of your adult life aside from buying a home; except there are […]

Wedding Reception Ideas: Chocolate Samplers

Martha Stewart Weddings

Belgian chocolate is one of the most favored chocolates in the world. Chocolate is something considered to be decadent to every person, making it a perfect thing to splurge on at a wedding. Different molds have been created to shape the chocolate into designs that would suit any type of […]