4 Interesting Wedding Invitation Themes

Wedding Invitations From Minted

Gone are the days when you spent all the time on the real wedding. Interesting looking wedding invites are trending these days and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join the bandwagon. Your wedding invitation can be based on the theme of your wedding or your tastes. […]

How To Make Your Wedding Memorable

1.    Have a who’s who section of your wedding program
Not everyone will know the whole wedding party, you include some funny photographs and facts in the section. Did your groom meet his best man in nursery school? Then include it in this part of the program. It gives people something fun and interesting to read […]

Reception Ideas: Antique Candy Bank Machines

Candy Gum Ball Machines can be one of the most interesting gadgets to see at a wedding.  You can even feature a small table with a white table cloth displaying 5 of these classic silver gumball machines with different flavors of gum or chocolates.  They have chocolate covered gummie bears now, did you know?  You could also […]