4 Ways You Can Save Money On Your Wedding- Jason Phillips

Lace Country looks From Ralph Lauren in Gangs of New York by Mario Testino for US Vogue February 2011

Guest Post By Jason Phillips

For most men and women, their wedding is the ultimate celebration; an event that marks the start of a new life as a family. It is the […]

How To Select Your Wedding Attire By Choosing Your Jewelry First

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When you begin shopping for your wedding attire, first choose an item that you love, and plan around that item. If it happens to be a canary diamond necklace that you have always wanted to wear, than work with the style […]

The 5 Most Important Things To Tackle When Planning Your Wedding

Wedding Cakes by Style Martha Stewart Weddings

The most amazing and the most dreamt moment in any ones life is to plan his/her wedding. A wedding is a very imperative occasion for both bride and a groom. On this very day they both promises to spend the rest of their lives with each other […]

Looking For Memorable Wedding Ideas? 10 Key Areas To Consider When Planning Your Dream Wedding

Many first time brides very much realize that their wedding day will be one of the most important days of their lives, but since they have never gotten married before, many of them have no idea how to actually make their wedding day truly unique and special.  The truth is that it takes a lot […]

Atelier Aimee Wedding Gowns

Designer Lucia Zanotti, owner of Atelier Aimee is celebrating over 25 years of creating luxurious designs.  Her unique style draws in brides from all over the world who are searching for a truly unique dress for their wedding day. Their new flagship store is located at 475 Park Avenue in New York City.  It is […]

Red Wedding Gowns

Amazon.com WidgetsHave you ever thought about wearing a red wedding gown on your wedding day?  Once upon a time that would have been unthinkable, but times are changing.  Red wedding gowns became popular on the runways about 10 years ago, and they are still hot for that bride who wants to make a truly unique statement […]