4 Ways You Can Save Money On Your Wedding- Jason Phillips

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Guest Post By Jason Phillips

For most men and women, their wedding is the ultimate celebration; an event that marks the start of a new life as a family. It is the […]

5 Creative Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Actually Use

Martha Stewart Weddings

Ideally, wedding favors should do more than just remind your guests of the special time you spent with them on your wedding day. The best favors are also items that your family and friends can actually use after the wedding is over. You’ll find some economical options in a […]

Thoughtful Ways To Thank Your Bridesmaids

A wedding is a very special, yet overwhelming event for everyone involved. From the bride and groom to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, everyone has their fair share of responsibility. Before or after a wedding, most brides like to thank their bridesmaids by giving them a special gift out of appreciation. If you are […]

Bad Wedding Ideas: Sending A Love Letter To Your Ex On Her Wedding Day

Look, there are just some things that you should never, ever, ever do. One of them is sending a love letter to your ex on his or her wedding day.  There are some really bad wedding ideas out there, but sending a bride a last minute pronouncement of love is one of the worst of […]