Spring And Summer Bridal Color Trends


Spring Bridemaid Wedding Color Trends

When you have your wedding, you want your bridesmaids to look fashionable and wonderful. Nothing can mess up this big day, and besides you, everyone will be looking at the bridesmaids. Here are some of the top trends for bridesmaid dresses in 2012. Everyone will be able to find something great here, and it will make the whole day just that much more memorable.


If you have friends with different body types and styles, then the choice bridesmaid scheme is the best. Instead of telling everyone to wear a certain dress, the bride just chooses a color scheme. For example, light green. From here, all the bridesmaids choose dresses that fit the color scheme, but they get to decide on how the dress itself looks.

This is very popular because it allows every bridesmaid to show herself off, and it makes the bridal party more diverse. Not only that, but it allows your friends to really have control over their dress, which generally turns out great.


The vintage style has been going strong for many years, and 2012 is not an exception. Vintage dresses, like flapper and Prohibition-style, are still all the rage and everyone seems to love them. These dresses tend to have a more sensual style, which is perfect for showing off the bridesmaid’s body. Just try one out; there is a good chance you will like a vintage dress.

You can get either a vintage imitation dress or a dress that really was from the 20s or 30s. Both are acceptable, though the latter will probably be better.


Lace has been omnipresent in wedding dresses and bridesmaid’s gowns since the latest Alexander McQueen collection. While this has usually been just for the bride, bridesmaids can now enjoy these dresses without feeling too flashy. These dresses are irresistible, and everyone should try it out at least once.


Black has always been more of a funeral color, but it is actually becoming rather popular for the 2012 year. These bridesmaid’s gowns are most popular for formal winter and fall weddings, but they can also be used in warmer months. It’s a chic and fashionable choice that everyone will remember. Not only that, but black’s ability to slim the body is going to make everyone feel just that much better.

Color Blocking

This is a relatively new trend, and it involves bridesmaids choosing dresses that have several different blocks of color. This can create a beautiful arrangement of colors in the wedding, but make sure everyone plays it safe. Having a huge number of colors can be very distracting. Make sure everyone chooses three colors at most. To make everything easier, it is best to ensure that everyone wears the same colors or chooses from the same palette.

Oscar de la Renta Guipure LaceOscar de la Renta


Oscar de la Renta

Bright and Vibrant

To contrast the black dresses, bright and vibrant is also very popular for the 2012 year. This isn’t just bright purple or green. This is for explosive colors like emerald and tangerine. These are the most popular during spring and summer weddings, but they can be used all year round. Nothing lights up a room like these dresses.

Floral Dresses

This may seem a bit of a stretch, but floral dresses are now becoming very popular at formal weddings. These colorful dresses will make your bridesmaids look beautiful, but there is one thing you have to be careful of. While floral dresses are becoming popular, they need to be made from high-quality materials. The thing that really separates how formal these dresses can be isn’t the cut or color, but the material itself.

Getting an average floral dress for a formal wedding can be a huge faux pas that can be hard to live down. Make sure you get the right dress, otherwise there may be some big problems at the wedding.

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Io donna 11th May 2013

Io donna 11th May 2013

Town & Country January 2011

Town & Country January 2011

Nina Ricci Gown

Nina Ricci

Harpers Bazaar U.S. March 2012 Hailey Clauson

Harpers Bazaar U.S. March 2012 Hailey Clauson

Hye Park Shinsegae Spring 2009

Hye Park Shinsegae Spring 2009


Ornate DIVA Purple cz PEAR DROPS Dripping Necklace From 2die4jewels EBAY

Picking Out Wedding Jewelry

Your wedding is a monumental event in your life, and from deciding on the perfect place to get married to hiring a DJ or band to entertain at your wedding reception, there are many decisions that need to be made in order to prepare for your special day. For many brides-to-be, a big part of the planning process includes choosing the right gown–and if you’ve checked that off your list, you’ll want to find the perfect gems and jewels to go along with it. Highlighted for you here are some tips to help you choose bridal jewelry that will truly accent the dress of your dreams.

Let the Dress Be Your Guide

The color, neckline, and detailing in your dress are specifics to keep in mind when looking for bridal jewelry. If you’ve decided on a white dress, for example, you might want to opt for silver, white-gold, or platinum jewelry. Pearls might also be a good choice if your gown is an all-white one. If you’re gown is an ivory one, then yellow gold would be the best metal to go with.

Like color, the neckline of your dress is a good guide when it comes to choosing bridal jewelry–namely necklaces. A strapless, sweetheart, or off-the-shoulder neckline should be accented with necklaces that are no longer than 18″. Chokers and y-drop pendants go well with these necklines, but nearly any style will do providing the jewelry adds to the look and doesn’t take away from it. Halter, Elizabethan, or asymmetrical necklines are usually better off without necklaces–bracelets, rings, or hair accessories would be better suited instead.

The detailing in your dress should also be considered when you’re choosing your jewelry. If your dress features lots of interesting detailing such as beading, lace, or other type design work, choose simple pieces like small stud earrings that won’t clash or take away from it. If your dress is more of a classic design, jewelry with a little flair such as chandelier earrings or a large, elegant pendant might add the perfect dazzling touches to your overall look.

Choose Complimentary Gemstones

Not all wedding gowns are white or off-white these days– but if yours is, don’t be afraid to spice it up with some jewelry that flashes a hint of color. Gemstones are the perfect choice for doing just that because they open you up to so many more options, unlike jewelry that’s just silver or gold. If you want to use jewelry with colored gemstones, pick a stone that has some special meaning or significance to you–a birthstone, for example. Gemstones don’t have to perfectly match beading or other detailing in your dress, but they should at least compliment the dress to avoid a look that’s too “busy.”

Incorporate Heirloom Jewelry

If there are pieces of jewelry that have been passed down from generation to generation in your family, why not incorporate them into your big day? Heirloom jewelry is a great way to honor relatives that are near and dear to your heart, and you’ll feel proud wearing those pieces on such an important day. Just remember that if you decide to wear an heirloom piece, make sure any modern jewelry you choose to wear with it is similar in style so that everything looks harmonious when all is said and done.

Be True to Yourself

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing bridal jewelry for your wedding day is your personal sense of style. Pick pieces that you feel comfortable wearing and ones that showcase your personality. If you prefer simple, classic pieces–that’s exactly what you should look for. If you want your jewelry to make a statement, larger or flashier pieces might be more your thing. Whatever your personal style may be, jewelry that you feel comfortable wearing will make you feel your best on your wedding day.

The bridal jewelry you choose to wear when you get married is something that you will treasure for many years to come, so take your time finding the right pieces. Jewelry that enhances your look will make you feel like royalty when your special day finally arrives.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes about insurance quotes.

Designer Wedding Gown Ideas -Louis Vuitton - Spring 2012 - Designer Wedding Gown Ideas -Louis Vuitton - Spring 2012 - 2

Louis Vuitton – Spring 2012

Ready to wear Spring Summer 2011 Marchesa York September 2010

Harper’s Bazaar Latin America July 2013 Editorial – Dovile Virsilaite

18th century Rococo pastels were the color scheme of the Spring 2012 Collection of Louis Vuitton. Feathers, cut-outs, pastels, and a lot more whimsy than the previous collections. This collection can give you a lot of inspiration for a spring wedding. White gowns with delicate cut outs with white and blue feathers made these gowns just spectacular. Consider pastel chiffon for your bridesmaids gowns. Printed table cloths, bright pink and lighter tangerine can look very pristine and demure.

Pastels colors have been one of the leading bridal trends of the year. Many brides are thinking about multiple dresses in several pastel shades for their bridesmaids, as well as re-thinking their own dress with pink, and lavender. Think about changing the traditional pure white color to a light shade of pink or yellow.

A little hint of color takes the romance level up a few notches. It is great for a bride to step out of those traditional expectations, and fashion something different.

Try different color shades from soft purple to peachy pink, and don’t be afraid of experimenting with accessories. Consider going a bit more dramatic with your silk shoes and nails. If you are looking at a soft pink gown, consider an electric pink for your pumps. Pump up the volume in the unexpected.

Cutout Pastel Gowns- For Bridesmaids Or Mother Of The Bride or Groom

Cutout Pastel Gowns- For Bridesmaids Or Mother Of The Bride or Groom


Katie Ermilio wedding dress in Fuchsia

Katie Ermilio wedding dress in Fuchsia

Zooey Deschanel  J. Mendel dress

Zooey Deschanel  J. Mendel Dress

This Dior on Jessica Alba

This Dior on Jessica Alba

Michelle Dockery  Prada

Michelle Dockery  Prada

Colored Celebrity Gowns

Janaury Jones  Givenchy gown, Natalie Portman 2009 Academy Awards

Naeem Khan Fall 2013, Rosie Huntington wears Antonio Berardi, Rutina Westley

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