Something Borrowed, Something Blue: How to Plan a Wedding with Personality

Something Blue or Green

When you look back on your life, you will remember your wedding day as one of the best and most important days of your life. Make sure it stands out from all the other weddings you will attend by personalizing your wedding to fit your tastes and interests as a couple. There are many ways you can inject some personality into your wedding.


Did you and your sweetheart meet at church? Did you take frequent walks to a certain park? Did he propose on the beach? One way to add personality to your wedding is to choose a venue reflective of some part of your personality or story. Beautiful weddings have taken place in barns, next to the ocean and in a field of flowers, just to name a few. Think outside of the box on this one.


Are you interested in having a theme wedding? If your first date was watching Star Wars at the movie theatre, you may want a Star Wars themed wedding. If you fell in love at a 50s themed dance event, you may want your wedding to reflect that. Pick a theme that would be meaningful to you then find the decorations, food and clothes to match.


What about skipping the traditional white dress and black tuxedo? Perhaps the bride would rather wear a sundress with ribbons in her hair. Perhaps the groom would like his groomsmen to wear Reem clothing mens shirts. The wedding party might all wear cowboy boots or leis or both! You are only limited by your imagination!


Does the bride-to-be have a serious love of chocolate? Skip the wedding cake and upgrade to a chocolate fountain with fruits such as pineapple, strawberries and cherries for dipping. Does the groom want to show off his Italian heritage? Skip the standard wedding options and serve his family’s favorite recipe instead.


The music you choose for your wedding is easy to customize to your particular tastes. Has she always dreamed of walking down the aisle to the sound of a string quartet? Does he want some of his favorite rock and roll songs played on the dance floor? Even if the couple has differing tastes in music, a good DJ will be able to seamlessly incorporate both for an unforgettable experience.

While there is nothing wrong with the traditional wedding, if you want to throw a unique and personalized wedding, you should! The options are endless and the day is all yours. Make it a day you and your guests will always remember.

Unique Wedding Ideas

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