Setting An Incredible Wedding Table

Your guests will be spending a good part of their time at the table talking with other guests, so spending some serious thought and effort into designing the table settings is very important. The flowers, the decor and the dinnerware are all very important. In addition, candlelight can really set the mood for your guests. Also, a very beautiful tablecloth can make the dinner much more classy. There are many ways that you can make your dinner tables truly unique, and in this article we point out some practical tips to keep in mind while decorating them.

Tip 1

The placement of utensils is guided by the menu. The idea is you use utensils in an “outside in” order.

Tip 2

Knife blades are always placed with the cutting edge toward the plate

Tip 3
Knives are always to the right, and forks are always to the left.

Tip 4
Dessert spoons and forks are brought in on the dessert plate just before dessert is served. If you are serving a buffet, consider using a charger plate at your tables.
Tip 5

Be sure to give people enough room when deciding on seating arrangements. People do need their own personal space, as well as have enough space for their elbows to move. Being crowded can make your guests feel very uncomfortable while attending your wedding.

Tip 6

Tips for your Buffet- Flatware and napkins should be the final items to be picked up. Napkins rolled around flatware simplify things. Consider setting up beverages at a separate table. Meats should be pre-sliced. Guests have one hand to work while going through the buffet. When you are offering salads to your guests, place the salad dressing with a ladle, for easy pouring. Pedestal plates are a great way to give the buffet table height and dimension. You can feature beautiful desserts, or pre-cut meat.

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