Great Wedding Table Reception Ideas

There always needs to be a bit of sparkle at a wedding reception, especially when the lights are turned out and the whispering romantic music fills the air. Lighting and music always plays a huge part of creating a romantic mood. Instead of creating ONE buffet dessert table, why not scatter a few tables through out the wedding reception? Most wedding guests come to receptions and only get acquainted with the area in which they are seated.  Seating arrangements grouped by the brides family should be mixed within the grooms family allowing people to step outside their comfort zone and strike up conversations with strangers.

Creating small dessert or drink tables through out the reception can give people the opportunity to experience all angles of the room, and talk with people they don’t know.  In addition it allows you to stage food in such a way that it can be a showcase in it’s self.  Consider staging  appetizers or finger foods on tiered trays on round tables which can be displayed from all angles.  The Nostalgia Lighted Party Fountain is certainly a centerpiece that deserves its own table.  It features a three tiered fountain that gives a soft colorful glow depending on the color of the drink you decide to fill the fountain with.  Fill it with punch and scatter fresh CUT colorful kiwi and strawberries on a tray beside the fountain.  Consider stacking plastic champagne flutes on a side round table using clear plastic trays to anchor them down.  You can also stack glasses upside down.  The champagne glasses give enough room at both the bottom and top for stacking.  This certainly will draw your guests from their tables and into conversation.

The Norton Museum of Art hosted Beautiful Table Settings , and the above picture shows you the power of choosing the right table cloth and coordinating accessories.

3 TIER Server in A Floral Design.  Add some color to Your Food

Silver Finish Serving Tray

CreativeWare Unbreakable Wine Glass Set of 8

Plastic Wine Cups 5 Ounces, 6 per Package

Case of 120 Plastic Pedestal Wine Mini Desert Cups

240 count Clear wine glasses

Martini Shaker and 12 Wine Glasses All Plastic

Windsome Wood produces a lovely 42 inch round table for only $129.  If you don’t have a company in which you can rent tables from, this table could be the best buy.  It is wood, and not plastic, which gives it a better chance of being sold for a higher price once your wedding is complete, compared to the white plastic metal tables which most people wouldn’t want in their kitchen.  They also produce a tall pub table with a 33 inch diameter for $131which is still lower in price than all the fold able plastic and metal tables.  The wine glasses could be stationed under the table.

Wedding Ideas: The Norton Museum of Art hosted Beautiful Table Settings

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