Maternity Wedding Dress Ideas

Maternity Wedding Gown Dress Ideas- Natalie Portman at the Screen Actors Guild Awards -

Maternity Wedding Gown Dress Ideas- Natalie Portman at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Best Actress Natalie Portman arrived at the SAG (Screen Actors Guild Awards), showing off her growing baby-bump in a ravishing white gown. The Azzaro gown was simple, yet elegant and featured silver detailing around the bust with bands of diamonds. She carried a Robert Vivier black satin clutch, and her hair was swept back into a tight bun for a very elegant sophisticated style. She reported she was wearing $2 million dollars worth of Tiffany canary diamond earrings which composed of a pear canary diamond, held by a round white diamond. Media reported she was the best dressed of the night, although she was criticized for the gown being too tight in areas. This dress was simple, yet quite extravagant. Borrow some ideas for your own wedding dress.

CZ Canary Pear Drop Earrings

Vintage Teardrop Earrings Canary CZ

Oval Canary CZ Gold Prong Earring

Check out AK Jewelry, they have a number of stunning drop earrings. One set has a canary diamond surrounded by marque cut stones.

Jessica McClintock feaures this fabulous Pleated Formal Gown which would be lovely as a maternity gown. It would be ideal if the bottom and top areas with black were exchanged for white, or even silver with rhinestones for more of a bridal look. At 110 dollars you cannot go wrong. New Fabric could replace the black areas, with a little bit of sewing, and stitching of rhinestones. Consider this gown for your wedding, or for the bridal dinners.

Again, there are tons of maternity gowns on the market, but this gown by Laundry by Shelli Segal Women’s Long Gown looks like a bridal gown. If the top were to be fitted with silver and rhinestones were to be sewn in like Natalie Portman’s Azzaro gown, this gown would look more bridal. Instead of using all rhinestones, pearls can also be sewn in row by row. Small straps may be needed after the extra jewels are sewn on.

3255 26mm Cosmic Baguette Sew-on Rhinestone Aquamarine

Sewing on rhinestones is quite simple. Ideally you would want a rectangular shape, or square crystal with a flat edge which you can sew in one stone next to another without a gap of fabric showing. Although you can get these crystals at your local craft store, I would advise to getting the higher quality crystals, which are swarovski. They contain more cuts which give off more light, and don’t look as though they are made of plastic.


Sew On Rhinestone Rectangle (3250) 18x13mm Crystal Clear – 1 Dozen (12 Pieces)

3265 26mm Cosmic Sew-on Rhinestone Aquamarine

3255 18x6mm Cosmic Baguette Sew-on Rhinestone Black Diamond

Rhinestone Drop (3230) 12x7mm Crystal Clear – 1 Dozen (12 Pieces)

3231 28mm Owlet Sew-on Rhinestone Crystal Golden Shadow

3265 26mm Cosmic Sew-on Rhinestone Crystal Silver Shade


Rhinestones can come in a strip of or band which can be sewn in place. The only negative about the banding is eventually the back plates that secure the rhinestone in place often deteriorate over time, even turning black. Sadly, with a white gown, the casings will really stick out compared to swarovski crystals which can be sewn into place using invisible thread. Over time, your gown, your gown will stay in fantastic condition. I highly recommend using the swarovski crystals than the sew in rhinestones which take far less time, but break down over time.


This Jovani (9029) Evening Gown sells for $440 comes in WHITE and would be the ideal maternity gown. The draping gives this gown a roman look. While many wouldn’t want to wear a gown as tight as Natalie Portman, this gown gives the freedom of movement while disguising the bump at the same time.

Anne-HathawayAnne Hathaway

Are backless wedding dresses tasteful?

The modern bride often debates whether she wants to look darling or sexy on her wedding day. If anything should be considered for your wedding day it should be how you want to present yourself to your family and friends.

Semi-backless wedding dresses are entirely appropriate for summer weddings, and are the best way to show off a beautiful, sculpted body. The back of the body is very sexy, especially when it is framed by a dress.

If you are having a beach wedding or a summer wedding, a back-less wedding dress can be the perfect choice. The back isn’t like the front of a woman which today many women give free previews by wearing entirely too low necklines.

In fact in the 50’s back-less dresses were in style, but it wasn’t until many years later that cleavage became common. Today, unnatural plumped cleavage (in-your-face) is still rather tasteless. It always seems to feel good as a woman to show-off what we have, but on the other side we don’t see how it draws ungodly attention.

Backless wedding dresses can be quite romantic looking. They ignite the feelings of passion and love. Backless gowns should be paired with a slightly higher neckline. While completely back-less prom or evening gowns may expose the whole back, bridal gowns should be slightly more constrained. A conservative approach to a backless gown should have fabric on the back to some degree, than an entirely nude back. The beginning of the base of the dress should above or at the start at the waist, not at the base of buttocks.

Undergarments can also be found in backless styles. Low-line, backless bras and bustiers can give proper support and structure to the front of the gown. Bustiers can shape the body in such a way that sometimes they can conceal up to 20 pounds of weight. If you are needing the structure in the middle section, then lower backless gowns may not be the best choice. Bustiers are made quite low, and can extend up to the mid back. Choosing the right bustier and support hose can tighten the mid section of the waist. Sew-IN cups can be another alternative for a bride who doesn’t want to mess around with bras. The best choice is a strapless bra or backless bra. Back-less dresses are sexy, but also elegant. Back-less wedding gowns are not expected, and will give you an entirely unique look to the common bridal gown that is chosen.

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