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Pam and Jim From The Office

Have you ever wondered what the inspiration for the wedding entrance dance for Jim and Pam’s Wedding on the Office was? Well, it was actually from a real wedding entrance dance that has over 27 MILLION views on YouTube. Yes, you read that right. The brainstorm of a couple named Jill and Kevin has taken the Internet by storm. The video of Jill and Kevin’s wedding entrance dance has over 27 million views on YouTube, and now thanks to the Office it is immortalized forever.

The trend is for weddings to not be the formal, stuffy events that they used to be. We are starting to see a lot more creative things such as we see in the video of Jill and Kevin’s wedding entrance dance below. It is no wonder that when the writers of the Office were trying to find something really creative for Jim and Pam’s wedding episode that they turned to this Internet phenomenon.

So what do you think about the video below? Do you think it is proper for a wedding party and the bride and groom to dance down the aisle like at Jill and Kevin’s wedding? Do you think it was smart and creative for the Office to play off of this video for Jim and Pam’s wedding? Do you think that this kind of things represents a good trend in weddings or a bad one? Watch the video of Jill and Kevin’s entrance dance for yourself and let us know what you think…..

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  • jane Maripose

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  • weddingfavors

    I watched the videos of Jill and Kevin’s wedding entrance dancing. Their dances are so amazing… I tried to learn from them for my wedding.


  • Maryanna Kirsch

    The songs we used and licensed for this film were 1) North by North (Faded Paper Figures) 2) Shine Your Light (Astoria Kings) and 3) Come Alive (also by Astoria Kings). I’m glad you enjoyed them!