Jean Fares of Lebanon Wedding Gowns

Jean Fares’s Gowns stand apart in style.  For the woman who is searching for ornate details with a sexy twist, his gowns are for you.  Being one of the industry leaders around the world, Jean Fares has become known for his elegant color combinations and intricate sense of style.

His couture bridal and evening creations are favored by an exclusive clientele in the Middle East, although, he has designed evening gowns for a number of top beauty contestants.  Pas contestants include Miss Lebanon 2004 and Miss World Supermodel 2002, as well as for singer Shada Hassoun, winner of the 2007 Star Academy final.  “Jean Fares’s creations are of the highest caliber, like so many other gifted couturiers from his part of the world,” notes producer Andres Aquino. Jean Fares truly has an eye for design. Special Thanks to Bnittoli on Flicker!

Ornate Sexy Wedding Gowns Bridal Dresses From Jean Fares of Lebanon Wedding Gowns

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