How To Use An Event Venue Wisely When Planning Your Wedding Reception

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Regardless of whether an event space has its own character or is a blank slate, you’ll want to decorate it to dress it up, help it fit your theme and match it to the type of event you’re hosting. At the same time, you need to think about your budget and make the preparation process as seamless as possible. To fit these goals, follow these five suggestions for easily maximizing your space on a budget:

Start With the Layout

An event is not all about the decorations – the layout makes an immense difference to the space as well. By playing with the layout of the seating, tables and display areas that you would normally be incorporating into the space, you could improve the event without spending extra money. Since the layout will depend on the venue and the needs of your particular event, go into your space with an open and creative mind.

Consider how the event and guests will use the space and how you can direct guests by changing the layout, such as creating walkways, private seating areas, areas for presentations and divisions to break up the room. Even if the room will have a simple setup, you can arrange the tables in different ways, such as having the tables in a circle or U-shape around a presentation or dance area or choosing to have them in rows with the attention focused on one end of the room. You might even be able to use different types of seating — such as a mix of event tables, high-top tables and couches — to create interest and different types of areas.

Focus on Color

Instead of putting your focus on certain types of decorations, you can create an amazing visual display with less effort and money if your focus is on color. This gives you a lot of leeway to fit your custom budget. When you play with a color scheme, even simple items, such as the tablecloth, become exciting. There are many ways to play

with color. Consider the linens, chair covers or ribbons, garland and various decorations. You could also use colored lighting and backdrops.

Within your entire design, you have options for customization. Think about:

  • bold coloring
  • a color pairing
  • pops of color within an otherwise simple room
  • the absence of color with a black and white theme

Create Simple Centerpieces


While centerpieces can be dramatic and expensive, they don’t have to be. In reality, the focus should be on the event and the other people at the table, so it can actually be nice for guests when big centerpieces aren’t in the way. Create simple centerpieces that are still elegant, such as these ideas:

  • Add a single flower or some fruit to a vase filled with water. You can add the element of color through the flower or fruit, the vase or colored water.
  • Make greenery bouquets, which can be gorgeous at a much lower price than flowers, or add a few small bouquets to each table. You can save by buying flowers and creating simple bouquets yourself.
  • Try other natural elements, such as a bowl of fruit, a large pumpkin or pine cones.
  • Focus on a single item as a centerpiece, such as a lantern or large candle.
  • Consider turning food, beverages or guest giveaways into the table centerpieces with an attractive setup. This way, you don’t have to spend extra money on separate centerpieces.

Put a Focus on the Food

Your event has to have food and beverages, and this is one of the main areas your guests are focusing on anyway. Incorporate this aspect of the event into your design scheme — in other words, make your food and beverages do double duty by turning them into visual displays. We already mentioned that some of the food and drinks could be turned into centerpieces, but you can do the same with the serving tables around the room.

See if you can have your caterer create works of art with the food by cutting and displaying fruit into flower shapes and coming up with other pretty ways to display the food. Have them play with colors and see how serving trays and tiered displays can add to the design. Desserts can pretty up a space with beautiful wrappers, canisters and the shapes and decorations on the treats themselves. Beverages can also create a gorgeous display with pretty pitchers, glasses and bottles.

Find Affordable Decorations

Whether you want to build a themearound the inexpensive decorations that are available or you need affordable decorations that fit your theme, you can make the situation work. There are many ways to decorate in an affordable way. Look for bulk fabric or paper that you can use for draping, use inexpensive lights and lanterns to create hanging decorations and rely on simple balloons and candles for decoration and color. Be sure to check for bulk and out-of-season items to get a discount.

When you want to throw an amazing event with a limited budget, consider incorporating these five ideas. They can help you create a beautiful space that looks elegant and polished without putting too much of a strain on your resources. If you think creatively, you can put together an eye-catching event space that will wow your guests and add to a seamless event experience.

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