Do You Have To Give A Speech? Speaking Made Easy

Speeches can be simple and elegant if you keep them simple.  We can show you very simple steps to creating the perfect speech that will bring tears or loads of laughs.

Are you expected to give a toast at a wedding?

Here are a few tips that will allow you to get through the speech with ease.


Before you begin writing – Write out a few notes on the couple.

People always enjoy good story to listen to.  Be classy, and always make the couple look great before their friends family and boss.  Don’t bring up stories of their night at the bar and spending the night in the bathroom. Some thoughts could include great qualities the couple display in their relationship, how they met, how you know them, their personalities, their happiness.

Once you have some basic reference points, you want to put it into an outline.

Start off by introducing yourself.  This gives guests a point of reference as to who you are in relationship to the bride and groom.  Then you can comment on the occasion. “We’re so happy to be here for this joyous occasion.” ” This has been a day all of us have been looking forward to as soon as Brad and Jennifer met” ” Today is a day that you will always remember Brad and Jennifer”

Next, work your way into a funny story or memory about the bride or groom .


Give your thoughts on love and marriage tell the story of how the couple met – (Whatever you brainstormed before piecing this part together)

Wrap up with a wish, toast, or blessing for the bride and groom. Then raise your glass with a congratulations, cheers, or whatever is most appropriate.

Along with writing the speech, there are also some helpful hints to keep in mind.  things you


Write your speech on index cards. They are less distracting than paper, but be sure to number the cards in case they get shuffled around.

Consider using index cards to reference to.  I wouldn’t suggest reading it word for word, but general points that will recall what you are meaning to say. (If the speech is long, index cards that are numbered could be helpful) Are your hands shaking? Clasp them in front of you or behind your back or simply hold onto something (like your index cards).

Practice. If you practice out loud, your brain commits it to memory.  It will be a breeze doing it in public when you have rehearsed it out loud several times.

Stand up straight, look confident and make eye contact. Even if you’re nervous, it’s less likely to show if your body language doesn’t give you away.

Speak slowly and clearly. When you take your time, you seem less nervous.  You come across as though you are a pro, than whistling through your speech.

Be sincere. It’s an honor to be chosen by the bride and groom to give a speech.


Drink too much before speaking. When you drink you slur your words, even with the smallest alcohol.  You do not want to come across looking drunk.

Talk too long. Nobody wants to hear you ramble, but they will like to hear interesting details or quick stories.

Use humor in poor taste. Avoid stories about ex boyfriends, ex girl friends ect.  Keep your stories tasteful for children and grandmothers who may be in the audience.

Don’t bash marriage.  It is a poor tasteless joke.  I once went to three weddings in a row, where one after another they made jokes about the wife ruling the household, and chains on the husband… “this is the last time you get the upper hand Brad” ect ect ect.  Lift up marriage.  I tell you, everyone has heard many of these jokes 50 times or more, don’t be another joke half laughed at.

Practice your speech and talk with sincerity, AND you will give a heart felt speech that will be remembered.

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