How To Make Your Wedding Memorable

1.    Have a who’s who section of your wedding program
Not everyone will know the whole wedding party, you include some funny photographs and facts in the section. Did your groom meet his best man in nursery school? Then include it in this part of the program. It gives people something fun and interesting to read – and it gives people a conversation starter too.

2.    Invite the Queen of England to your wedding – you’ll need to send out her invite well in advance (and she’ll probably decline it). But imagine how memorable that would be for your guests!

3.    Have rainbow bridesmaids:  instead of dressing your ladies in the same colour and style – have them dresses in different colours and have rainbow bridesmaids. You could even go one step further and have their flowers match to the dress colour and an usher too!

4.    Write a message to your two parents and get an usher or bridesmaid to have it waiting for them at their seat before the first ceremony takes places. It can be about anything, but a thank you would work well. You’ll have them both sobbing into the sleeves before you’ve even walked down the aisle.

5.    A very romantic idea is to read your vows to candlelight. All your guests will receive a candle (or two) on their entrance into the ceremony location (it might be a church or a chapel). When it comes time to read the vows, have the lights lowered and get your ushers or groomsmen to move around the room lighting the candles at the end of the separate rows. Guests will then  “pass the flame”. It’s something they’ll never forget and very romantic!

6.    Love quotes: On your guests place cards during the reception write different love quotes on each card. Make sure each quote is different too, so that guests can read other people’s quotes. You could even have a raffle at the end of the night!

7.    Have disposable cameras on each table and let guests take their own photographs of the big night! You’ll get a completely different perspective on the night and you’ll get lots of great, cheap photographs to view almost immediately afterwards.

8.    Hire a photo booth for your guests to go in! Some have props too which you can use in the photo booth! It gives your guests something super fun to take away with them afterwards – and you’ll get a copy of all the images taken too! It’s such an original and fun idea!

9.    Take requests: Tell your DJ to do an hour of requests on the dance floor! It’ll throw up some song you’d have never thought of and it’ll mean every guest has an excuse to get up and dance.

10.    Have cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake! Have one cupcake for each guest and let them take one home at the end of the night! Or better still, have a decorating station inside your reception venue – where they can decorate their own cake!

Elle-Rose works for Calle Arco and CS Bedford as a wedding and Bridal writer.


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