Grand Rose Wedding Necklaces

Oasis Jewels features some extra ordinary sets of rose encrusted pave necklaces which could take your gown to the next level.  They currently feature 6 variations of this beautiful necklace; 2 which combine pearls, an aqua blue, and green and purple and green and red colored purple and finally the heaviest of them all a green and red rose set.   The pearl combinations are priced at $44.00, while the pave crystal sets range from $69. to $79  These stunning sets feature a fuchsia rhinestone crystal,  peridot crystals which make up the leaves on gold plated settings. If you are after this look but feel you cannot incorporate color, they also have a clear diamond rose necklace on 3 strands of pearls, with 2 matching earrings, which can be manipulated into a choker set.  Ideally, these sets would work quite well with embroidered colored gowns which Atelier Aimee is famous for.   The Victorian era color palettes featured primarily warm colors such as reddish orange, pinks, raspberries, and blues.   Elaborate floral and leaf patterns were famously seen in this time in prints with primary colors such as red, blue and yellow with backgrounds of cream and tan.    The overall tone of most Victorian inspirations is that of a soft and subdued look rather than bright or electric colors often found in later decades.  Ideally this necklace could be worn with an embroidered gown, and could be combined with real roses of select shades in the hair and pinned to the gown.  Can you see it in an English rose garden wedding theme?

Colored Wedding Gowns - Atelier Aimee Wedding Gowns

Wedding Ideas - Garden Collection From Atelier Aimee

Wedding Ideas- 5th Avenue Designs by Veronica International Treasures Pave Crystal Rose Gold-Tone

Consider working with this english rose theme, but combine this necklace with a lace gown, or white, ivory roses pinned to the gown, and french roses in the hair.  This lovely rose encrusted necklace is sold by 5th Avenue Designs by Veronica $300 Dollars

In this picture we combined both the Sterling Silver Mesh Necklace with Pave CZ Silver Beads,  and the Sterling Silver Pave Set CZ Rose Pendant to create more of a formal wedding necklace.

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