Five Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

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Five Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget
By Scott Humphrey

According to The, the average cost of a wedding is now around $27,800. How do you plan a wedding on a budget and reduce the cost of your wedding? Follow some helpful pieces of advice such as, have an afternoon wedding, print your own invitations and custom envelopes, and make your own décor, to save bundles of cash.

One of the easiest and most dramatic ways to save money is to have an afternoon or morning wedding and not serve a full meal. Food expenses are one of the highest costs of a wedding, especially when a sit down meal is involved. It is perfectly acceptable to have an afternoon wedding and serve appetizers, desserts, and drinks only. The magazine Real Simple suggests the ultimate cost savings: hold a potluck wedding reception to create an intimate and community setting.

Another easy way to save money is to avoid the popular wedding season like June and July. Having a wedding in an off season can save an enormous amount of money on the venue, caterer, florist, wedding planner, etc. In the popular wedding season, wedding professionals know they will be booked throughout the month, so they will charge each bride more. According to Martha Stewart weddings, by getting married in off season, you can save up to 15 percent off of the high season rate.

An easy way to save money in a wedding is to make the wedding décor. Make non floral centerpieces from vintage books, a collection of vases and mirrors, or framed pictures of the couple when they were children. Unlike flowers that will wilt, you can sell the centerpieces after the wedding.

Invitations are another area to reduce costs in your wedding budget; custom printed envelopes and invitations can be quite expensive. Reduce your costs by simply buying a custom PDF of your wedding invitation. The bride can then select the paper she wants and print the invitations herself. The blogger Frugal Dad also suggests selecting a normal invitation size in order to avoid extra postage fees. Get a friend with nice handwriting to address your customized envelopes, instead of hiring a professional calligrapher.

Wedding cake is often guests’ favorite part of a wedding reception, and while wedding cakes can be very pretty, it is usually the taste that is the most important. Reduce your wedding budget costs by having a smaller wedding cake on display, but keeping a sheet cake of the same type hidden in the back. Martha Stewart even suggests having a wedding cake on display just for the couple’s cake cutting and serving all of the guests with the hidden sheet cake.

A wedding can be beautiful and meaningful without costing an enormous amount of money. By changing just a couple of simple things, such as not serving a full meal, making the wedding décor, and getting married in an off season, an engaged couple can easily plan a wedding on a budget. Then there will be more money in the bank account for the couple’s future married life together!

BIO: Scott is a freelance writer who frequently contributes to various blogs and publications on a wide variety of topics, including wedding planning. When he is not writing for, he is hiking the mountains in upstate New York.


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