Feathered Bird Beaded Ornament Wedding Ideas

Feathered bird ornaments are a historical ornament dating back to colonial times before we had mass producing. Ornaments were made by hand in the primitive days out of what was available ( feathers) which were then used to adorn their homes and parties and celebrations. Bird replicas can be purchased today in a variety of birds, such as partridges, blue jays, peacocks, and doves.  White doves have been used at weddings for decades.  Their beautiful white color has always represented peace and unity.  The white Dove originated out of Gods word in Genesis when Noah released a dove. The dove returned with a branch signalling there was land to set foot on again.   Again, the dove was seen in Matthew in the bible when Yeshua (God) was baptised by John.  The heavens opened up and the Spirit of God descended upon him like a dove.   Birds have been historically used in decoration though the centuries, because of their beauty and innocence.

Surprise your guests with doves on your wedding tables, or mixed into the arrangements.  These stunning birds can be used in both a summer or winter wedding.  There are a large variety of brightly colored birds, which can be incorporated into the decor bringing forth a variety of colors.  Pair yellow, orange and purple together for a brightly colored spring time wedding.  White feathered birds are stunning for a winter wedding.  Today you can find a variety of birds studded with light-catching crystals and beads which are adorned on these birds.  As the candles are lit, the birds will catch the light bringing a festive look for your evening reception.  Many of the birds can be  clipped on to the backs of chairs, or can be a great filler in small floral arrangements on the table.  Pair white, or silver encrusted birds with white winter flowers such as sweet alyssum, white snapdragons, or white narcissus.  Simple white birds can be decorated with white glitter which will really catch the candle light as the evening dinner is over and the sun sets.

Regal Purple Beaded Ornament

Feather Bird-Robin,

Feather Bird-Blue Bird,

Feather Red Cardinal,

Feather Eastern Bluebird,

American Goldfinch,

Set of 12 Red Cardinals,

Feather Birds – Robin,

Feather Birds Eastern Bluebird

Red Birds Set of 2 

Pack of 2 Closed Tail Regal Peacock Feathered Bird
Pack of 6 Elegant Snow White Beaded Ornaments 8
These beautiful feathered bird ornaments are ideal for displaying in floral arrangements, garlands in the wedding ceremony or simply on the table as table decorations.  They can also be sporadically placed around food for an extra decor and touch of color.  The decorating possibilities are endless.

Stamps can be a perfect way of dressing up place settings, or directions to your wedding, and the best thing about them, is they cost next to nothing when you factor in how much ink costs compared to getting them professionally printed.  Love Birds Rubber Stamp

These feather birds are so delicately made, with an incrdible amount of detail.  Add a few different varieties to make up your english garden wedding.


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