Fall Wedding: Craft Decoration Ideas You Can Do Yourself

While classic summer weddings tend to get all the attention, fall weddings can be just as beautiful and memorable. There are just as many colors and styles that can work for a fall wedding as there are for a summer or spring walk down the aisle. There are many colorful and creative crafts you make yourself to add a personalized touch to any fall wedding.


Nothing says fall like candles. You have a wide selection of choices to get started. If you’re going to go with scented candles, avoid fragrances that will overwhelm a room. Candles should be accents, not the answer to “what’s that smell?” Choose a scent that is subtle, but echoes the typical aromas of fall such as cinnamon and apple. Consider searching local yard sales and thrift stores to find unique candle holders. You can make the candles, if you have the time – but a trip to Walmart will do the trick. Another idea for candle holders is to use jelly jars or other similar containers to create a unique look. For an added touch, wrap the candles with vine or string. A ribbon will also work well. Tie it in a bow to make it a little fancier.

Chair Bouquets

Chair bouquets are a creative way to save seats at a fall wedding. Gather up some favorite fall flowers and wrap them up with a bow or ribbon. Add name tags to each chair bouquet as a clever way to save people’s seats. Add some wheat and a single rose to create a classy bouquet. The bouquets can be tied to the corner or arm of each chair, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. For indoor weddings, you can get away with resting the bouquets on each chair, which also helps with making last minute seating changes. Don’t be afraid to add a few twigs or branches with the bouquet to further embrace all things fall.

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Table Decorations and Centerpieces

Table decorations and centerpieces add atmosphere to a wedding reception or wedding dinner. Table decorations you can create yourself include jar candles you can buy from the store or empty jars you can fill with colorful fall decorations of your own. Get out the hot glue gun and add plastic leaves and other artificial fall foliage to the glass jars and you have perfect fall wedding table decorations. Flowers work great for the center of the table. A larger display makes a perfect centerpiece. Complete your table decor with cranberry colored napkins and add some carefully placed apples right on the table or in fall colored bowls. Want something for young wedding helpers to do? Have the kids gather up some colorful fall leaves to round out your table decor. Some considerations for the centerpiece include:

Crabapple branches & oakleaf hydrangeas
Circus roses
Orange tulips
Mini pumpkins with daisies
Persimmons and sweet vine
Wheat bundles with a satin ribbon
Little pumpkins stuffed with fall daisies, which are usually found in autumn hues

Wedding Bouquets

When creating a fall wedding bouquet, don’t be afraid to mix and match. While reds and oranges are typical of fall arrangements, go ahead and mix it up with some blues, lavenders, and yellows. Take a trip to a local florist and even a greenhouse and pick and choose some flowers that match a typical autumn decor. Add some favorites of the bride for a personalized touch. Some fall wedding bouquet ideas to get you started include:

Cymbidium orchids

Calla lilies and orchids with Gloriosa lilies Garden roses, bunny tails, and pink-edged dogwood wrapped with vintage jaquard ribbon Warm-hued garden roses with dates and kumquats topped with gold metallic powder Late-season aubergine dahlias mixed with fresh acorns wrapped in a cranberry bow

This is just the icing on the cake when it comes to fall wedding crafts. Speaking of cake, why not add some fresh cranberries or apples as garnish for the wedding cake? With a little creatively, a fall wedding can be a colorful and beautiful event that everyone involved – from the bride and groom to the guests and the ushers – will remember.

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