Essential Things Bride Should Not Forget On Her Wedding Day

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A Wedding day is one of the biggest moments in every ladies life. Every woman wants her big day to be perfect.  The key to a successful wedding is planning for the unexpected.  Take care to avoid any mishaps on this special day.  Besides your jewelry and accessories, there are other things to plan for. Listed below are few things that a bride must have on wedding day.

Vanity kit:

Prepare your vanity kit in a small extra purse or bag and keep following things in it.

·Comb or brush

·Hair spray

·Blush, foundation, or face powder for touch ups

·Moisturizing lotion

·Emery board chipped nails



Essential Things Bride Should Not Forget On Her Wedding Day 1

Emergency Jewelry and accessories:

Emergency jewelry does not mean to keep extra complete sets of jewelry with you. What I mean to say is to keep some back clasps for earrings and necklace clasps to avoid any unwanted surprises or mishaps. It is wise to keep extra clips, hair pins and rubber bands as your hair or bridemaids hair might need a touch up through out the day. These emergency accessories will help in case of mishap like sudden twist in earrings or tuck in necklace.

Safety pins:

These little pins are must add items you should have in your emergency kits. They can come handy in any time to handle the wardrobe distress. Along with these pins the lint brush, small iron sewing needle and scissors should be with you on that day.  Wedding dress trains are often quite heavy, and with dancing, they can easily fall.

Keep something to avoid bad breath:

Have some mints, extras, gum and mouth freshener in small purse with you. One more thing to take care is to avoid having any sticky foods that can turn your teeth pale. Obviously you don’t want your smile being spoiled by traces of food on your teeth.

Keep extra pair of comfortable shoes with you:

It is an excellent rule of thumb to carry one extra pair of comfortable shoes with you and wear them once all the formalities are over.  Buy two sets of satin shoes for your wedding day, both being the same height.  It can be refreshing for your feet to be changed into a new pair of shoes without having your dress drag on the floor.

Keep On hand Extra Cash:

Nobody knows what can happen in any nick of time on that big day. Someone can be late; some may forgot the venue etc or any other problem. So keep contact information of all wedding vendors in your pocket diary. Also have some cash which will come handy in any on the spot payments. Again you don’t have to carry them, just pack these things in bag and handover to your  friends.

Have aspirin with you:

A wedding day is no doubt special bit it is really tiring and you may face headaches or stiffed muscles. It’s better to have aspirin with you and take a tablet once you start feeling tiring and headaches.

About the Author:

AtiqUr Rehman is an avid writer who gives tips on wedding decoration, arrangements and dresses.  Currently his expertise belongs to Canvasdesignz.

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