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A wedding can cost a huge amount of money; current studies estimate that the average wedding costs approximately $25,000. For many people this amount of money is simply too much to either afford or justify, particularly as this can be a deposit for a house. The latest trend is to start looking outside the box, to think of new and inventive ways of getting the wedding you want without blowing your budget.

Off-Season vs. In-Season wedding

If you wish to have your wedding between November and April you will be able to take advantage of the lower rates which most hotels and wedding venues offer during the quieter time of year. Many wedding venues and churches are already decorated during the holiday season ready for the relevant celebration. If you choose to get married during the holiday season you will be able to benefit from the decorations in these venues without having to pay out for them.

Consider an early wedding ceremony

You may be surprised to find out how much you can save by having your wedding early in the day. Instead of a wedding dinner, have a wedding brunch; the cost is dramatically less and you can still party all day and night!

Keep it together

You will save on decorating costs, room hire and transport if you have your wedding ceremony and the reception at the same place. Your guests may even find it easier as they can start celebrating straight away without worrying about driving later.

DIY Wedding Ideas

Wedding t-shirt instructions –Found on, Create personalized cornhole boards with painted silhouettes to entertain guests -Courtesy of / Via, Make your own flower crown – Courtesy of,


Do it differently

Skip the traditional venue and look for somewhere that people do not normally consider getting married. An outside venue can be a popular choice and may even be free! Nature’s beauty can be the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

The Dress

To save money on your dress you can look at second hand options or you can choose to select a dress and request for a reduction by paying in full upfront. Alternatively it is possible to purchase a dress straight from the rack. It is even possible to buy the right dress from a high street store. It is essential to consider what you really need and look at what it is possible to use or adapt.

Turn Recycled Drawer Knobs Into Place Holders

Turn Recycled drawer knobs into place holders: Scott Clark Photo for 

Make it yourself

There are many items for your wedding which can be made on your own. Invitations and the decorations can be hand-made, not only will they be significantly cheaper they will also be personal, unique and can be tied into any theme you choose. Of course, it is possible to spend more on creating your own invites and you should carefully consider the costs and time it will take before embarking on this option.

Make it your own

Just because there is something, such as the three tier wedding cake, which is a traditional part of the wedding; does not mean it has to be in your wedding. It is your special day and you should choose only the parts you want to be I it; this will save you money.

Discount sites

There are several discount sites which will offer a healthy reduction on some of the items you need for your wedding. You should also consider purchasing items from brides who have finished with them; the articles will be heavily discounted.


The cost of table decorations and gifts and even the wedding favors can be significant. However, by choosing the right piece it is possible to use one item to do all three jobs. Absolutely anything can be used which fits your needs and desires.


The best way to save money on your wedding is to haggle on every part of your wedding. No matter whether it is the venue or the dress; it is possible to get a discount or to even barter for a better deal. You may be surprised at how successful this can be!

Whether you’re getting married in an amazing Suffolk wedding venue or you’ve decided to organize everything in your backyard, just don’t forget to have fun. It’s the happiest day of your life, so you might as well enjoy it to the fullest. And if you can save a little money along the way why not do it?

DIY Wedding Ideas

Paper pom poms are super easy to make and can really and some fun and funky texture to your big day. Photo by Orange Girl Photography and pom pom directions are here. Mini Wine Bottle Favors –Found on

DIY Wedding Ideas

Light up the night with sparklers! Courtesy of Janet Howard Studio,  Succulents can go for long periods without water, which make them a fabulous wedding favors! Courtesy of The Succulent Source, Jenga Guestbook Idea Found on, Keep Your Guests Entertained At Your Wedding

Easy Wedding Ideas

DIY Wedding: paper lanterns made from coffee filters, yarn + lace doilies,Found on, Floral Glass Ball-Hanging filled, clear baubles looks a little bit whimsical, and are an ideal alternative to the usual floral centerpieces., Industrial Chic Brooklyn Warehouse Wedding ,Found on


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