St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

If you browse through just about any bridal magazine, you will notice that many of the most spectacular wedding gowns are from the St. Pucchi collection.  Mixing old world elegance and romance with modern fabrics and style, St. Pucchi gowns are literally in demand all over the globe.  In fact, many discerning brides absolutely insist on getting married in a St. Pucchi gown.  So just who is this fabulous designer that keeps coming up with these incredible dresses?

Her name is Rani Totman, and since 1985, she has designed every gown of the St. Pucchi Signature and Haute Couture, Avine Perucci, and Sposa by St. Pucchi Collection.  Her collections aim to raise bridal fashion to the level of artistry, not seen since the 18th century.  Rani is truly dedicated designer/business woman and a risk-taker. ‘I am constantly in pursuit of perfection,’ she says.

At age 20, she started a retail tailoring business of her own in Bangkok. Gaining experience in gown tailoring and design.  She then had an opportunity participating in Paris prêt-a-porter and Igedo, Dusseldorf, where she got a name for her self.

In 1990 she was a finalist in the category of Best Bridal Designer in Dallas and then was also nominated three consecutive years as a Style Innovator at the Chicago Apparel Center’s Debi awards. After receiving the 1995 Debi Award for Best Bridal Designer, she was nominated again in the same category the following year. ‘St. Pucchi offers the bride an alternative to traditional styling,’ says Rani. Not following the seasonal trends has always landed her in first place in fashion.

Rani Totman travels the world seeking the most luxurious silks, crystals and lace for her signature gowns.  There are many knock-offs with St Pucchi gowns, but one main difference with St Pucchi and most Bridal Gown Designers, is the silk fabric.  The silk often gives off a two dimensional look that satin does not have.  All the details such as the appliqués and crystals are also higher end, pushing the price for one of these gowns into the thousands.  The higher end materials makes a difference even in the photographs.  Rani spends most of her time in Bangkok but also has a home in Los Angeles. ‘Staying on the ground for more than 2 weeks is a luxury I wish I could afford,’ she says. Between the numerous trunk shows, appearances, and trade shows she attends, Rani also makes at least 4 to 6 trips to Bangkok annually with sporadic visits to Hong Kong or Japan

Count on the fact her gowns are always changing style from year to year,and remaining the most innovative gowns out there. One fact remains, you can wear one of her gowns from the 80’s and still remain the talk of the town on your special day.


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