Ines Di Santo Wedding Gowns

Designer Ines Di Santo understands the charm of old world style.  Influenced by an Italian and Spanish background, her designs reflect a classical eye to her style, while her daughter Veronica brings a fresh edge to their lines.    Their appreciation to quality gowns have remained over the years.  Their evaluations of fabric, elaborate detail in their bead work, and quality cuts emphasize a woman’s best details. Ines Di Santo oversees the production of every gown, ensuring that each is kept to the highest of standards.

Consider adding a rhinestone belt to your simple wedding gown.  As you can see here,  Ines Di Santo pairs a simplistic lace, or brocade fabric with a very ornate belt at the waist line.   I would highly suggest looking through IBA Exports on Amazon as they have pages and pages of Bullion Stone appliques which you can order to make your own custom belts.  They have lace borders with color, and others with classic white pearls and rhinestones.  Looking through 24 pages, some of their more interesting finds are scattered through out the pages, so I encourage you to look through their stock.  You never know what you can embellish.  A purse, shoes or a belt.  The possibilities are endless!

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