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One of the hot trends in wedding desserts right now is the cupcake.  Seriously!  Long neglected in favor or the more traditional wedding cake, wedding cupcakes are now making a big comeback.  In fact, some large weddings are featuring a wedding cake and wedding cupcakes together.  Wedding cupcakes range from the very extravagant to the very simple.  Some brides are choosing them to add a touch of elegance to their wedding, while others are choosing them as a cheaper and simpler alternative.  In any event, wedding cupcakes are here to stay, and in this article we discuss some of the top tips for making wedding cupcakes a success.

1. Ingredients count for more than you think.  Be sure to pick out a good recipe.  Picking cheap flour or using a cheap tasting frosting can ruin the taste.  Test out a batch first before you bake 200 cupcakes.

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2. When measuring your dry ingredients such as flour, sift it first. Even if you’re using a cake mix, sift it from the box into the bowl. Sifting makes the batter looser and easier to mix

3. All the ingredients (except milk) should be at room temperature. This makes it easier to mix together.

4. When mixing the batter, make sure to mix well. But, don’t over-mix. Believe it or not, over-mixing can actually “damage” the batter and make the cupcakes chewy and taste a little flat.

5. To create truly moist, melt in your mouth cupcakes, try adding some pudding to the batter. Or something a little different- (a moist taste with tang), use a little cream cheese.  For any recipe, use about a 1/2 cup for any  recipe.

6. When you are pouring the batter, fill the cupcake to  2/3 of the cup. If you overfill the cupcake, you will burn the top, or they will turn out slightly uncooked in the middle. Filling the cup to 1/2 full could cause the cupcake to burn as well.

7. Always pre-heat your oven. Not pre-heating your oven to a specific temperature can make the sweets flat, dry, and unevenly cooked.

8. Don’t add frosting until the cakes are fully cool. Icing the cake before they cool will just melt the icing.

9.  Another Unique and Interesting idea is to full the cups half way with batter and then fill it with berries, nuts, chocolate chips, then adding batter on top.

10. You can buy specialty cupcake shapes other than round.

11.  Make sure the Frosting and the cake go together. An  apple spice cake with caramel frosting could be very surprising.

12.  Consider Frosting In the centre.  Combining Chocolate in the middle and Vanilla on top could be a big surprise!

Wedding Ideas- Martha Stewart Wedding Cupcakes


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  • Indianapolis Wedding Cakes

    I absolutely love those wedding cupcakes with the blue/green icing and the little white hearts in them! Very cute! These things are so popular now…they are practically replacing the sheet cake for guests slices.