Country Wedding Ideas

Nothing screams country than distressed painted vases. Many of these vases can be painted to coordinate with the colors of your wedding. When painting metal, you want to use a oil paint for the bottom paint color. Ideally this look works the best when you can see two colors. You never want to distress showing the silver tin. Consider a gray, or a gray green, black or even a dark brown as the base color. Specialty paint stores like Benjamin Moore sell oil paint in satin in a wide range of colors which you can use as your base color. Flat oil paint is recommended, but satin works just as good.  You need something that the top color will easily adhere to. Paint the top color and after it is dry, slightly distress the container using a sponge sander. Then as a final coat, you want to even out the flat look caused by distressing. Your top color should be either an eggshell, or a satin. Dip your paint brush into the paint, and wipe most of the paint of the brush with a paper towel, and slightly go over the entire vase. The top coat will even out many of the stokes that the sandpaper makes. You can also add a monogram with a stencil, or even table numbers on the vases.

French Florist Bucket Starting From $11.99

Galvanized Vase

Home Décor Classic Tin – Flower Vase

Coal Bin Flower Pot – Barn Roof

3 Garden Pots Safari Flower Tin Planters– $7 dollars for 3 containers which can be painted and distressed.

InterDesign Pail , White– This container simply could be spray painted white.


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