Wedding Photo Albums

Isn’t this true? – You are married now 20 years, and chances are, your guest book will be in a box somewhere, while your wedding photo album has been tattered because your kids have pulled it out so many times to look at Mom and Dad on their wedding day.  So which do you want to put more energy into?  Your wedding photo album, or your guest list?  Why not combine them?   How many times do people read a “sign in” guest list years after their wedding?  People often don’t look at these again because there isn’t any touching comments, rather just a list of guests that have attended.

What if I can tell you your scrap book will be instantly done before your dinner is served at your wedding?  With a traditional Guest book, usually the comments are short, and couples sign as one.

Instead of having your guest sign in at an obvious-expected guest book table, you could have a colorful index card under each of the plate chargers.  This can allow a personal message from everyone, than just a signature.

My Mother in Law has the most beautiful albums.  Her books are simply binders with pictures mounted with old fashioned picture corners.  The nicest part of her albums is they all match.  You can look at her 20 plus albums and they are all in order.  She doesn’t have miss-matched books, as they are simply JUST white binders with clear page protectors.  She starts with her own childhood, and her husbands childhood.  A couple albums in you can see  their wedding, and then their children’s weddings, and afterwards.  Not only does it look like a nice collection, it is a continuous theme.  The overall look of the albums isn’t cluttered, but simply beautiful.

Wedding ALbum– You could PRE-Print your Index cards to have a picture at the top that would fit in with your photo album, or your wedding theme.   It is just a matter of getting the old fashioned picture corners that hold the card in place.

– You could print out directions on the back of the index cards such as, Please sign your name and ANSWER one of the 4 questions.

“What is the secret ingredient to keeping a strong marriage?”
“What moment stands out to you when thinking about Brad and Jennifer?”
“What characteristics do you see in them that will keep their marriage strong?

Have your bridesmaids pick up the cue cards before the meal begins, so you will be guaranteed that no potatoes and gravy make their way into your scrapbook.  People often feel rushed getting into weddings that they do not take the time to write something meaningful at a guest book signing.  The time that your guests are waiting is usually at the table, so why not utilize that time to your benefit, ………..and give your guests something to do if small talk dries out quickly.



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  • Melissa

    What a great idea, getting the wedding party involved in persevering wedding memories!