5 Stunning And Very Unique Wedding Ring Designs

Guest Post – Jason Phillips For My Family Silver

Wedding rings are used to represent a commitment a love everlasting. The ring is a circle and a circle represents never ending. Christians were the first to use the ring as a symbol of marriage. The ring was place on the left hand and 4th finger because […]

4 Interesting Wedding Invitation Themes

Wedding Invitations From Minted

Gone are the days when you spent all the time on the real wedding. Interesting looking wedding invites are trending these days and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join the bandwagon. Your wedding invitation can be based on the theme of your wedding or your tastes. […]

How to Choose Wedding Flowers

Since your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, it is only right that you choose the perfect flowers for the occasion. The problem is this can sometimes be tricky to accomplish, as choosing the right flowers requires you take a number of things into consideration. If you happen to […]

Looking For Memorable Wedding Ideas? 10 Key Areas To Consider When Planning Your Dream Wedding

Many first time brides very much realize that their wedding day will be one of the most important days of their lives, but since they have never gotten married before, many of them have no idea how to actually make their wedding day truly unique and special.  The truth is that it takes a lot […]