Red Wedding Dress

Ian Best known for his fairytale looks, it is often the first designer a bride finds for the “cinderella look” Ian Stuart, well known bridal fashion designer and winner UK Best Bridal Designer of & Designer of the Year in 2004, 05, 06 and 07 and winner of the UK Outstanding Contribution to the Industry award in 2008 is a designer not often missed in this industry. This red wedding gown was one of the nicest in his collection. Today more brides are opting for color. Red has been a popular color in the past years for a secondary bridal gown.

I have to say this was one of the most elaborate gowns I have seen in person.  The train on this gown was extremely beautiful.  The gown was made from raw silk, and the most impressive part was the train which was gathered in bunches and hand sewn.   The corset of the gown didn’t fit that well, as it wasn’t the classic tie up gowns that are seen with Maggie Sottero but rather this gown was one which had a zipper.  If I can recall, this gown retailed for around 5K.  If you are hoping to design one very close to this dress, consider purchasing a gown which the corset is already crafted such as the Strapless Beaded Red Dress from US Fairytailes.  In this instance, you could craft a separate skirt with an additional train which you can detach.  Sewing such a heavy skirt with a lot of gatherings makes this skirt very heavy, so it would be ideal for the skirt and top to be separate.  Taffeta  and raw silk are both excellent fabrics for heavy skirts as this design as they tend to balloon out and appear over-sized.  In addition, these fabrics are lightweight compared to heavier fabrics such as silk satin.

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  • roos

    I have a question. Many years ago when we intend to get married I saw a fabulous dress from Ian Stuart. On top of this article, its the picture that was used in a magazine. Unfortunately I lost the big picture from that dress and know because of emotinal resasons I really would like to find the picture of that dress again.
    Does anybody know from which collections (i guess it was 2004) the picture is, and maybe someone has the picture allreday.

    Greetings and thank you,

  • Meranda

    Hello Roos,

    What I would suggest is to copy the picture and email Ian Stuart’s website and see if you can still order it. I remember some of his collections but I am not an expert on all of his collections

    Huge Blessings! Meranda