Wedding Appetizers And Hors D'oeuvres



One of the nicest weddings that my husband and I have attended was the wedding of one of his old college roommates to the girl of his dreams. It was a wedding mixing two different heritages which made it really unique and interesting.

How many weddings have you attended where they were serving appetizers? Not many……..

The wedding couple had a really interesting idea of keeping people in suspense by locking the doors to the reception and creating an entirely new event in the lobby. It was basically just mingling, and it turned out more interesting for the guests because appetizers were served which kept the guests busy and satisfied. The wine and beverages were served which allowed people to relax and introduce themselves to people they wouldn’t otherwise approach. This wedding couple must have had a wedding planner because the finer details were considered, such as the lighting in the reception. We went from the sun going down in the lobby to a candlelight dim elegant room ready for dining and entertainment.

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  • Eventacular! Texas

    People eat 1st with their eyes and the presentations of these appetizers are certainly appealing.

  • Gina Brady

    What are the names of the pictures above?