Avoid A DIY Disaster At Your Wedding

Avoid A DIY Disaster At Your Wedding

Planning out that special day can be both beautiful and stressful; everything needs to be perfect. It is an once-in-a-lifetime event that both you and your significant other will remember forever, so it’s important that everything happens exactly how you planned it and not overlook anything since it’s easy to get lost in the details. Whatever your plan is about the guests, the venue or the ceremony itself is sure to take any situation into consideration and think about what might be missing. While you’re doing that, let’s take a look at some pointers on how to avoid any potential disasters at your wedding.

Have a checklist in place

Having a properly crafted checklist is a sure way to avoid forgetting anything. Sit with your partner and try to think of the entire wedding process, start to finish. Put everything on paper and then start breaking it down; what do you need for every one of them? Start working your way down the list and checking things off as you are done with them. Organizing and tracking everything that you do is the easiest way to make sure nothing gets left out of the wedding. However insignificant it seems, it will bug you later.

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Take care of yourself

It’s easy to lose track of sleeping and eating since the big day is coming. How does fainting on your wedding day sound? Try avoiding it by making regular breaks and eating properly; it’s stressful, but it shouldn’t be damaging to you. After all, it’s something you’re both looking forward to. Make sure you shine bright by being well rested.

Hire a pro

These days, there are many agencies and managers that would gladly offer a hand in handling your wedding day preparations if you leave it up to them. This could be a good  idea if you don’t have any management skills or a friend that’s good at improvising; hiring help is nothing to be ashamed of, after all, it’s their job to make sure everything goes according to your desires.

The outfit

Make sure you’ve decided on what both of you are going to wear well before the wedding day. Whatever you decide on, you need to be sure that it’s comfortable enough to spend an entire day in, since it’s not unheard of that clothes don’t fit properly and today’s the day that they should fit perfectly. Wear your wedding dress or suit around the house a few times before the ceremony to make sure it grows on you a bit and loosens up. It feels bad if you have to change clothes in the middle of the wedding day just because you can’t stand it anymore.

Avoid A DIY Disaster At Your WeddingPicture Credit –Pixabay


Choose your venue properly

Choosing a venue that doesn’t fit your demands and expectations can ruin your big day. Before making a decision, you might want to explore more options. Your theme should be attentively laid out as well. Vintage-inspired weddings demand a specific theme. Cottages and houses to rent in Suffolk or vineyards are excellent locations. The right cottage decorated in a personal style will definitely live up to your expectations. When deciding on the location, it’s equally important to check the surrounding area. A vineyard is the perfect background for your photos.

Don’t stress over the small things

Every couple craves after the perfect wedding. However, you shouldn’t expect perfection. To avoid a disaster, you might want to keep your cool. Is the cake different than what you initially ordered? Are the decorations not enough? Is the venue overly accessorized? Regardless of your issue, know this: everything can be fixed in due time if you remain calm and patient. Ask your bridesmaids to help you out, or better yet call a wedding planner.

Enjoy it

Try to remember the reason this day exists; so that you and your significant other can officially start a new life together. Whatever may or may not happen during the wedding, try to laugh it off with friends and family, because it can’t be as bad as it seems at first. A wedding should be something you’re enjoying to the fullest, and having a big smile on your face and radiating with energy can make any occasional awkward situation seem that much brighter.


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