Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Not everyone has enough money for a rehearsal dinner at a 5 star restaurant.  Others may have more than enough money, but they really desire to do something different than the typical “boring” rehearsal dinner.  Whatever the case may be, the reality is that there are some very fun and interesting ways to make your rehearsal dinner unique and memorable.  In this article we offer 7 creative wedding rehearsal dinner ideas…..

#1) Have a rehearsal picnic outdoors.

#2) If your family is a little more informal, a rehearsal “barbecue” can be very memorable.

#3) If you want to try something really different, a Hawaiian luau instead of a rehearsal dinner is something your guests will not soon forget.

#4) Holding a “rehearsal buffet” in someone’s home can be an inexpensive option and a more intimate alternative all at the same time.

#5) A “pot luck” where all of the guests bring a dish can save money and can be a lot of fun.

#6) A very creative idea if you live near the beach is to have an old-fashioned clam bake.

#7) A dinner based on your heritage is a particularly meaningful idea if your families put a lot of emphasis on those things.  It can be a subtle way to communicate to your families that you are not forgetting the past as you look forward to the future.

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