6 Unique Honeymoon Destinations

When it comes to romantic getaways, many destinations throughout the world bear a reputation for being honeymoon hot-spots–and for the most part, they prove to be ideal locations for couples to celebrate their new beginnings. There are, however, a number of fantastic places scattered across the globe–destinations you might never have thought of that are as unique as the love the two of you share. Revealed for you here are 6 hidden gems want to consider if you’re looking for a unique honeymoon destination.

Palau, Micronesia

If you’re looking for sparkling waters and sandy beaches, you’ll find them in Palau, Micronesia. These enchanting islands, which can be found in the west Pacific, are perfect for couples seeking a tropical getaway in an unlikely and off the beaten path sort of location. While there, hike to the Ngardman Falls in Babeldaob, snorkel in Rock Island’s jellyfish lake, and explore magnificent underwater caves like Siaes Tunnel and Chandelier Cave. Once you’ve had your fill of Palau’s many natural wonders, spend a day in the capital city of Koror where you’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants, and other interesting sights such as the Belau Museum or the International Coral Reef Center.

Kalymnos Island, Greece

Kalymnos Island, a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea, is a great honeymoon destination for the couple seeking outdoor adventure–and with its breathtaking scenery and uncommon solitude, it definitely won’t disappoint. Rock climb on any one of the island’s magnificent rock formations, delve deep into a mysterious cave, or spend the day scuba diving in the pristine waters that surround this beautiful and unique honeymoon destination.

Bozeman, Montana, US

You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to experience an unforgettable honeymoon–you can have one right here in the United States. While the list of noteworthy places is a long one, a city you should consider is Bozeman, Montana. Couples can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in including skiing, snowmobiling, fly-fishing, horseback riding, hiking or camping in Yellowstone National Park, and so much more–all the while surrounded by breathtaking scenery unlike any other.

Grindavik, Iceland

Most people don’t think of Iceland when deciding on a honeymoon destination–but if you’re looking for a unique place to go, the city of Grindavik should be a top-contender. Grindavik features one of the world’s best natural spas, the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa–a perfectly luxurious place to relax and unwind as a newly married couple. During your time at this world-renown spa, swim in the healing seawaters, let the lagoon’s waterfalls give you a gentle massage, and don’t forget to check out the spa’s list of therapeutic treatments that will make your honeymoon a pampering one.

Easter Island, Chile

Known as one of the most remote destinations in the world to visit, Easter Island is also one of the most mysterious. Here couples will see a very fascinating sight indeed–the large heads carved from volcanic rock that are referred to as Moai. While Moai can be seen along the coastline and scattered about the island, two of the best sights to view Moai statues are Ahu Akivi and Ahu Tongariki. Another gorgeous view of these historical wonders can be seen by looking down into Rano Raraku–an inactive volcano and quarry littered by a number of the stone heads in various stages of completion. Even though only one town can be found on Easter Island, there’s still much to do there. Couples can spend the hours snorkeling, scuba-diving, golfing, or simply taking in the island’s quiet and peaceful beauty.

Marrakech, Morocco

If a vibrantly exciting honeymoon is what you’re after, pay a visit to Marrakech, Morocco. Walk through the bustling, windy streets of the Medina (old city) in search of some special handcrafted items, experience the sights and sounds that surround the Koutoubia Mosque during prayer time, stroll through the Majorelle Gardens, or if you’re really feeling brave–relax in a reputable hammam (public bath) such as the Djemaa el Fna.

With so many amazing places in the world to visit, choosing a unique destination for your honeymoon may seem like an impossible task. Consider one of the destinations featured here if you are in need of some inspiration–and have fun planning your one-of-a-kind romantic getaway with that special someone you’ve chosen to share your life with.

Guest post from Payton Price. Payton writes for TermLifeInsurance.org.

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