5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reflect Both Bride & Groom

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Weddings should celebrate the couple and the best way to do that is to bring both the bride’s and the groom’s personality on-board during the planning stage. By updating cherished family traditions, a couple can show the world how they met, what they love about each other, and how they hope to live their lives.

Wedding Cake Dreams

Wedding cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors now and the toppers range from the traditional to the sentimentally hilarious. If the bride and groom love downhill skiing, figurines racing down a slalom towards wedded bliss are just the ticket. Or, if only one of the couple loves to ski and they met at the finish line, then tell that love story on your cake. Creativity, love, humor, and a little sugar will tell a charming tale.

Wedding Couple Photographs

Most photographers will meet with you for a pre-wedding portrait. Head out to your favorite place or engage in your favorite activity and capture the moment. Display the photo of the two of you at your reception to tell your story.

Bride and Groom Dance

My favorite couple’s wedding dance was completely choreographed. The groom and his groomsmen were wearing top hats and tuxedo tails with matching canes. When the music started, the guys started dancing. Those canes were tapping and flying through the air. By the time the bride and her bridesmaids walked out onto the floor, everyone was cheering. There was not a dry eye in the house when the couple finally began to dance with each other.

Wedding Themes

A wedding should reflect the personalities of both bride and groom and developing a theme that reflects both doesn’t have to be difficult. I attended a delightful affair near the tennis courts where one couple met. It was thirty-love all the way,

Wedding Toasts

A joint toast, written by both bride and groom, is a chance to say it all. Each can thank their family and friends individually. Together, they can toast each other as their new life begins.

When planning a wedding, take the time to find the right wedding caterers, San Diego wedding experts say it is important to find someone who will work with you to make your dream a reality. A good company will listen to your ideas and help you implement them in a charming, creative fashion. Dream weddings don’t come out of a box. A dream wedding happens when the bride and groom shine at a carefully arranged affair.

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