5 Stunning And Very Unique Wedding Ring Designs

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Wedding rings are used to represent a commitment a love everlasting. The ring is a circle and a circle represents never ending. Christians were the first to use the ring as a symbol of marriage. The ring was place on the left hand and 4th finger because the Romans though it contained a vein that traveled back to the heart. This vein they called the Vena Amoris which means vein of love. This is a story though so it could or could not be true, but it is a good thought for reasoning.

Art Deco Rings

The Art Deco Ring period started around 1920 and lasted up to 1960’s. It still persists today in many ways. This period showed the playfulness and artistic capabilities of jewelry and let to great influences in today’s jewelry. The jewelry during this time included colorful sapphires, emeralds and onyx, along with geometric shapes. Even now they are some of the most beautiful styles jewelry are created in. These rings would be a gem stone ring. Some of the best houses of jewelry such as Tiffany, Cartier, Arpels, and Van Cleef. These houses of jewelry are thought to have created some of their best work during the Art Deco Period.

Gold Signet Rings

Gold signet ring in the past was used as a stamp usually by nobles and business people. They used it to stamp wax that they used to seal envelops or other documents with. The stamp had either a seal, family crest or other type of logo. Since this ring resembles the family crest, this would make for a pretty good resemblance as a wedding ring.

The Halo Double Wedding Ring

These Halo Double Wedding Rings are unique. They have a diamond in the center with two rows of smaller diamonds wrapped around it. These rings are a very hot topic. If you couldn’t find the sparkle you were looking for in other rings, this will be the ring for you.

The Floral Accent Ring

As far as rings with accents these are some great examples off spectacular rings. Rings come in all shapes, styles and sizes but these are the most unique. The styles of the bands leading up towards the diamonds are flowers. The bands come in multiple metal colors and types of flowers that you want to use on the band. Some of them also actually have green metal for the plant. These floral accent rings can also be used over another ring such as an engagement or wedding ring to enhance the look.

Gem Stone Rings

Gemstones are just the colorful versions of diamonds. These colors can range from elegant blues, vibrant reds, and awesome greens. Some may not be as expensive as diamonds and others may be found anywhere. Sometimes gem stones are used to accent certain rings and even wedding rings. Gem stone rings are also used in the making of grandparent and parent rings. These show the birth month of each child.

Find and buy antique silver with your family crest

Find and buy antique silver with your family crest

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