5 Inventive Hen Party Ideas

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There’s more to Hen Parties than a cheesy veil for the bride-to-be and a drunken night out at your local bar. And while there is nothing wrong with this choice of Hen Night – thankfully times have moved on, and if the stereotypical bachelorette is not your style, there are loads of other alternatives out there. You might want to jet away to Las Vegas for a glamorous weekend away and party like a VIP – or perhaps a group cookery class is more up your street. There’s a lot of pressure put on Hen Nights to be the biggest blow out around, and sometimes, with expectations running high and ideas running sparse, it’s difficult to plan a Hen Night that truly stands out from the crowd. After all, you want it to be something you’ll always remember!

1. Bake-a-boo

will introduce you and your guests to an afternoon tea like you’ve never experienced before. With Hen Party offers available such as cupcake decorating, flower arranging, truffle making and more, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s a perfect day out and with friends AND cupcakes- what more could you want? Tea parties start from £24, and being in London you’re at the heart of shopping central for an after activity- the perfect indulgent girl’s day out.

2. City breaks

are a great way to celebrate, placing yourself in a new environment with those special select few, gives you the opportunity to spend some solid, quality time with those women who mean the most to you. Las Vegas is perhaps the perfect option for a great city break. There are brilliant bars, amazing shopping and the partying will create a night you’ll never forget. Las Vegas is notorious for both its Hen Parties and Stag Dos, so you’ll be well taken care of. With multiple packages featuring limos and VIP entry you’ll truly feel like you’re living the celebrity lifestyle.  The well-known mantra “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” certainly epitomises the unpredictable, fast pace of a city that never stops partying.

3. Why not head to a festival with your nearest and dearest to celebrate your Hen Do? If it’s good enough for Kate Moss, then it’s good enough for the rest of us. Don’t fancy the gruesome camping scenario? Celebrating your last bid for freedom from the vicinity of a mud ridden campsite, or the vulgar dreaded portaloo’s isn’t exactly what a bride to be envisions for the lead up to the most important day of her life. Lucky for you some festivals such as Lattitude and Secret Garden Party have a range of boutique camping on offer. From Tipi’s, Yurts, Gypsy Caravans, Podpads and luxury cottages, this camping is revolutionary and unforgettable.

4. A photo scavenger hunt sounds like an odd activity for a Hen Night but is in fact a really fun and heartwarming activity. You can’t beat looking through an old photo album, and the sentimental value to old pictures of past birthdays, holidays, people and old faces exudes nostalgia. Scatter photos across an area as empty as possible such as an enchanting forest at night kitted out with fairy lights. Assign each guest a list with titles such as “I’ll never forget this” or alternative “I wish I could forget this” and see who matches which photograph with which statement. It’s bound to end in fits of laughter.

5. Hire a Scottish castle, it’s elaborate and very expensive – but so is getting married and what other opportunity in your life will you get to have an excuse to go all out and party together in a castle?! The beautiful green lands provide a picturesque backdrop to both grand and modest castles that populate the Scottish countryside. Escape to the country and enjoy the restaurants and spas that many of these properties boast.

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  • http://www.bigdotofhappiness.com Melissa

    Photo scavenger hunt sounds like fun… I haven’t done one of those since high school.