5 Creative Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Actually Use

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Ideally, wedding favors should do more than just remind your guests of the special time you spent with them on your wedding day. The best favors are also items that your family and friends can actually use after the wedding is over. You’ll find some economical options in a number of places, ranging from your local dollar or bulk store to wedding stores online.

Collectible Books

Collectible books come in a variety of styles and themes, making them an excellent “keeper” for a wedding. Many local dollar stores have a book section that regularly stock gift book overruns or lovely photo books. While you may not get enough books in one trip, a bit of planning and shopping over the course of several weeks or months will allow you to stock up on the nicest ones.

Once you’ve found all the books you want, then wrap them in wedding-style wrapping paper. Adding a personalized sticker or card with your wedding information to the book will help guests commemorate the occasion. Finally, if you opt for the photo book option, be sure to include a thank you note plus a picture of you and your intended inside the book; it’s a sweet way to give the book a head start.


These favors have become popular, and for the guests who have kids, these can be a fun wedding favor to take home. To make them visually appealing, choose a number of different styles of bottles in your wedding colors and add some beautiful ribbons to the collar of the bottle. Create hand written tags in fancy script that offers the details of the wedding and set them on a table near the door for guests to pick up as they leave. Or better yet, decorate the dining tables of your reception with them, leaving one at each place.

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Pretty stationary can be such a guilty pleasure, and oftentimes, people will not buy it for themselves. However, there’s no doubt that it can be very useful. Look for stationary that matches your wedding theme in some way, whether it features your wedding colors, a common font, or design.

Stock these wedding favors in a large basket that you’ve lined with the linens and flowers you’ve used for your wedding. Tie a fancy ribbon around them, but otherwise leave unwrapped since stationary has a wrapping paper sort of decorative quality on its own. Place the stationary in the basket and give one to your guests as they depart.


Candles add an inexpensive decorative element to almost any space, and fortunately, they’re inexpensive as well. Many of the online wedding favor companies sell them, and these you can get personalized with your wedding information. However, if it’s your goal to provide your guests with favors they can use, opt for the candles that you find at specialty shops or at the dollar store. They look lovely and come in a variety of colors and styles, making them more adaptable to life after the reception party so to speak.

Photo Frames

People love to display pictures that are important to them, whether they’re pictures that capture a moment in a school play or remind one of a special trip to the beach. A photo frame can be a lovely wedding favor and one that your family and friends will display on their mantels or on a favorite table. Additionally, many wedding companies make these so that they fit a decorative theme like a beach wedding or black tie affair, making them an item that one can easily integrate into the décor.


Wedding favors are nice parting gifts that allow you to express your appreciation to your family and friends for attending your special day. Choosing favors that they can use is not only thoughtful, but ensures that they remember the happy time that they spent with you whenever they use it. Finally, while it’s certainly permissible to opt for only type of wedding favor that guests can take home, you can choose any combination of the gifts in the list above and create a favor table. This offers your guests more variety and gives your wedding décor some added visual interest to boot.

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