4 Ways To Plan A Wedding Without The Stress And Frustration

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There’s a piercing squeal that has the neighbors wondering if they should call 9-1-1. You’re so excited that you don’t care if you just terrified the old couple next door. After all, you just got engaged. And getting engaged means your brain is about to transition from squealing school girl to stressed out spouse-to-be. Or does it? You can plan a wedding without stressing out and earning the title of Bridezilla.

4 – You Do Not Have to Have All The Things!

Decide what is important to you for your special day early on and stick to that (disclaimer: you might want to think about your groom’s preferences as well since it’s also his special day.) Different brides like different vibes. If you don’t really care about your shoes because nobody will see them anyway, don’t spend an entire paycheck on them. If you hate watching yourself on camera, don’t have a video made. There is no right way to do a wedding. Do what is best for you.

3 – Don’t Invite Your Frienemies

There is no rule that says you have to invite your best friend from high school to your wedding. Especially if you haven’t spoken to or seen her in 15 years. And your Great Aunt Maude on your mother’s side that stopped sending you birthday cards in middle school? Also not necessary. Invite only the people that are closest and most important to you. Family and close friends should suffice. Not only will a small guest list keep you from deciding if Uncle Henry and Aunt Maude can sit next to each other without killing each other, you’ll save a ton of money on your car insurance. Er. I mean, your reception.

2 – Hire Some Minions

Okay, as cool as it would be to have those little yellow guys from “Despicable Me”, they’re probably not available. Instead, hire a wedding planner to delegate work and get things done for you, allowing you to free up time for other aspects of your wedding. A wedding planner is especially helpful for any last minute snafus that crop up in the last days before your ceremony. You can even try asking a friend that is particularly awesome at organization or party planning to help you out. Although, you probably shouldn’t call her a minion.

1 – Keep It Casual

Planning a ceremony is hard enough work. When you add a reception into the mix, the stress factor multiplies exponentially. A casual reception is a good way to keep stress levels down. Instead of stressing about chicken or fish, why not have a potluck reception? Ask family and friends to take pictures so you see your big day from everyone’s perspective. Create playlists of your favorite music in the months before the wedding so you don’t have to worry about choosing a DJ. The more casual the reception, the less stress you’ll be under.

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