4 Interesting Wedding Invitation Themes

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Gone are the days when you spent all the time on the real wedding. Interesting looking wedding invites are trending these days and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join the bandwagon. Your wedding invitation can be based on the theme of your wedding or your tastes. For instance, if both of you are lovers of animals, you can make that your theme. If you are having a garden themed wedding, you can mirror that in your invitation.

There is so much you can do with wedding invites if you have the imagination. Following are some unique wedding invite ideas that would prep up your wedding –

1. Beach Theme Invite

– Are you having a beach themed wedding? Well, there could be no better way to get your guests in the mood than a beach themed invite. You can use a lot of blues and greens. Plus, you can have beautiful palm trees in your invite and use sea shells. Sand colored and textured paper would also be very interesting and your guests would love your creative idea.

2. Circus Theme Invite

– Remember those days when the circus came to town with those bright posters lining your street walls? You can replicate that in your wedding invite to make your guests a bit nostalgic. Your relatives would especially appreciate this circus themed invite that would take them down the memory lane. Also, there is a wide variety of colors and graphics to choose from, as a circus is really bright and happy. It can be fun choosing the elements of your wedding invitation.

3. Message In A Bottle Invite

– Bring out the adventurer in you and your guests by this unique invitation idea. It involves a glass cola bottle that you can fill with scented sand. You can also use real sand if you want to. Make it smell like pina colada or margaritas to give it a nice feel. Now, roll your wedding invite and put it inside the bottle like a secret message for your guests. You could also include a map of the island or the wedding destination you have chosen to add to the adventure.

4. Comic Book Themed Invite

– Have you and your better half been comic book fans? Your guests surely know about your obsession and nothing could be better than a wedding invitation themed on your favorite comic books. Choose an Archie themed card or a Batman comic cover for your invite. Not only your guests but even you could frame a few of those for posterity’s sake.

Unique Wedding Invitations can be a fun way to get your guest as excited about the wedding as you are. There are many themes that you can use for you wedding invitations. Choosing something nice would look thoughtful and many guests would want to save your invitation because it’s so beautiful. So, don’t be afraid to think out of the box and experiment before you decide something. It is your special day, after all.

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