5 Stunning And Very Unique Wedding Ring Designs

Wedding RingsGuest Post – Jason Phillips For My Family Silver

Wedding rings are used to represent a commitment a love everlasting. The ring is a circle and a circle represents never ending. Christians were the first to use the ring as a symbol of marriage. The ring was place on the left hand and 4th finger because the Romans though it contained a vein that traveled back to the heart. This vein they called the Vena Amoris which means vein of love. This is a story though so it could or could not be true, but it is a good thought for reasoning.

Art Deco Rings

The Art Deco Ring period started around 1920 and lasted up to 1960’s. It still persists today in many ways. This period showed the playfulness and artistic capabilities of jewelry and let to great influences in today’s jewelry. The jewelry during this time included colorful sapphires, emeralds and onyx, along with geometric shapes. Even now they are some of the most beautiful styles jewelry are created in. These rings would be a gem stone ring. Some of the best houses of jewelry such as Tiffany, Cartier, Arpels, and Van Cleef. These houses of jewelry are thought to have created some of their best work during the Art Deco Period.

Gold Signet Rings

Gold signet ring in the past was used as a stamp usually by nobles and business people. They used it to stamp wax that they used to seal envelops or other documents with. The stamp had either a seal, family crest or other type of logo. Since this ring resembles the family crest, this would make for a pretty good resemblance as a wedding ring.

The Halo Double Wedding Ring

These Halo Double Wedding Rings are unique. They have a diamond in the center with two rows of smaller diamonds wrapped around it. These rings are a very hot topic. If you couldn’t find the sparkle you were looking for in other rings, this will be the ring for you.

The Floral Accent Ring

As far as rings with accents these are some great examples off spectacular rings. Rings come in all shapes, styles and sizes but these are the most unique. The styles of the bands leading up towards the diamonds are flowers. The bands come in multiple metal colors and types of flowers that you want to use on the band. Some of them also actually have green metal for the plant. These floral accent rings can also be used over another ring such as an engagement or wedding ring to enhance the look.

Gem Stone Rings

Gemstones are just the colorful versions of diamonds. These colors can range from elegant blues, vibrant reds, and awesome greens. Some may not be as expensive as diamonds and others may be found anywhere. Sometimes gem stones are used to accent certain rings and even wedding rings. Gem stone rings are also used in the making of grandparent and parent rings. These show the birth month of each child.

Find and buy antique silver with your family crest

Find and buy antique silver with your family crest

Rings From My Family Silver

Signet Rings Designs From My Family Silver

Jewelry Hollywood Prefers To Wear

Runway September 2010

Runway September 2010

Runway Spring 2015

Runway Magazine – Spring 2015

Often, celebrities strut the red carpet for movie premieres and other events in jewelry that costs several thousand dollars from brands such as Gucci, Louboutin, Prada and others. Now however, there is a trend of affordable items with no shortage of luxury.

This is encouraging for people who are interested in looking like they’re a celebrity without breaking the bank.

Bring Glitz To Your Fingers

Musician Kat Deluna recently showed her devotion for the Chelsea Taylor jewelry brand when she attended a digital book launch in Manhattan. The cocktail ring featured a leopard print pattern and was also accented with Swarovski crystals. Although it certainly looked glamorous, its retail price was only $191, so it’s certainly well within the reach of many fashion enthusiasts, and you can become inspired by Kat’s fashion choices, too.

Celebrity Jewelry Reproductions

If you can’t afford to buy directly from the manufacturer, Search to see if you can find a home based jewelry business that may specialize in making faithful reproductions of iconic celebrity pieces.

For example, when Prince William became engaged to Kate Middleton, he gave her a lovely deep blue ring with a very large stone. Within weeks of their engagement, several companies were offering imitations of the jewelry so that people could pay tribute to the couple in their own way.

Bracelet Ideas

Also, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” television star Teresa Guidice habitually loves dazzling baubles, but surprisingly she recently walked the red carpet in a $40 bracelet from a company called Original Designs. The company specializes in reasonably priced accessories sterling silver in gold, stainless steel, and even crystal.

Some of the pieces are a hundred dollars or less, making easy to freshen up your own jewelry collection while feeling like a celebrity in your own way.

Suggestions for Necklaces

Socialite and reality television star Tinsley Mortimer has been spotted wearing necklaces designed by Patricia Brown. The jewelry company has also caught the eye of other celebrities, but offers a full range of reasonably priced suggestions ranging from the understated to the extremely glamorous.

Be Your Own Person

It’s also worthwhile to check through the offerings of a home based jewelry business to see if they have any pieces that carefully straddle the line between what a celebrity has worn, and something that appeals to your own personality. Dressing like a celebrity can indeed be fun and rewarding, but it’s not a reason to sacrifice your own personal style.

Designer Clothing and Accessory Rentals

If you want to look like a star for an evening but don’t want the financial commitment, consider signing up for a clothing rental website. The website Bag, Borrow or Steal is just one such option, and it allows you to rent attire and jewelry for a weekly, monthly or seasonal fee. This is a great idea if you’re the type of person who never wants to get caught wearing the same thing twice, or if you’ve always had a flair for creative expression through the items that you wear. Some of these types of rental clubs also offer free shipping and even include a complimentary cleaning after you’ve returned the item to the warehouse. Think of it like Netflix, but for jewelry and clothing. Regardless of your budget or fashion aspirations, you can find jewelry that helps you look great and brings out your inner celebrity, as well

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Paula Abdul’s collection is all about the glamorous, for the woman who wants to stop the show! She really goes after the elegant looks of pave settings in some of her jewelry, but then has the hip rocker glam pieces that have an edgy style. Her signature style is glamor,old Hollywood style that is in your face beautiful!

Runway Magazine - Spring 2011Runway Magazine – Spring 2011


Chain Tassel Necklace From Lele Sadoughi Jewelry


Sundial Necklace From Lele Sadoughi Jewelry

Egyptian Jewelry From Lele Sadoughi

Lele Sadoughi Jewelry is a brand focused on upscale costume jewelry.   The lines inspiration comes from travel, art and is set with genuine stones, and hand-painted enamels.   The designer of the line Lisa “Lele” Sadoughi started the J.Crew jewelry line in 2006 and has also was director of design at Tory Burch.  Although her pieces look quite expensive, they are quite affordable.

“We all must wear a top, pants, and shoes, but we never need to wear jewels,” designer Lisa “Lele” Sadoughi tells Style.com. “We want to wear jewels, so why not make it memorable?”

Her Spring offerings reinterpretations of the Egyptian revival in the 1920’s using bold colors and strong geometric shapes. “I looked back into the beginning of costume jewelry in the 1920’s, when we started to make jewels that were art-inspired, and not necessarily reproductions of precious gems,” she explained during a market appointment. “I am fascinated with the Egyptian revival in the Art Deco period, when King Tut’s tomb was discovered.”

Lele’s pieces, through her many design house collaborations, have been featured in InStyle, Marie Claire, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Dallas Magazine among many others.


An Antique Amethyst Cameo Diamond Cabochon Ruby And Gold Pendant Necklace $9,600

The Van Cleef & Arpels diamond necklace was bought when Elizabeth Taylor became a grandmother at the age of 39. Richard Burton gave her the necklace and said, “Wow! You are so beautiful; nobody is going to believe you’re a grandmother.‟

The Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction was the most valuable private collection ever offered at an auction, and also became the most valuable sale of jewelry in auction history! The Elizabeth Taylor diamond is the most famous of her jewelry. A ring set with a diamond that weighs approximately 33.19 carats. The five-day auction at Christie’s, fetched an incredible sum of 153 million dollars. Over 190 pieces of jewelry were auctioned at the Elizabeth Taylor’s collection at Christies, and in the end everything was sold! The rest of the collection you can see more jewelery in detail at Christies.


Heidi Daus Belgain Disc Necklace Ebay Seller Andicoo

Heidi Daus is best known for her extravagant use of Austrian crystal pave and the beautiful color combinations. She produces some of the most interesting and sensational pieces that can can be seen on the red carpet, but affordable enough for the average woman.  Heidi credits her grandmother and mother for exposing her to jewelry and objects of art from all over the world since she was a little girl.  Her designs are a mixture of baroque antiquities and deco delights, fantasy, and fashion.  With widespread appeal, one might see Heidi’s jewelry around the world, in some twenty countries.

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie  Jewelry

Robert Procop Angelina Jolie  Jewelry

Celebrities are rarely content these days just being on the stage or the silver screen. Whether it’s creating a line of food products, like the iconic Paul Newman, perfumes, like Elizabeth Taylor, museum-quality paintings like Tony Bennett, or anything else from furniture to fashion, celebs seem to seek a variety of outlets for their creative urges going far beyond just being entertainers. Jewelry is one of those outlets and it should be no surprise that individuals who spend a hefty chunk of their personal fortunes accessorizing and creating a “Look” with stunning jewelry, would have some definite ideas about what jewelry people should be wearing.

Actress Angelina Jolie has become as well- known for her many philanthropic contributions, including her role as a United Nations Ambassador, as she has for her achievements in films. Adding to her accomplishments, she has now co-created her own line of jewelry as a joint project with jeweler Robert Procop. As might be expected, all proceeds from the sales of the pieces will be donated to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, Jolie’s foundation in partnership with her husband, Brad Pitt. The foundation benefits children who are the victims of violent national conflict or natural disasters.

Couture collection of Jean Paul Gaultier at De Young Museum in San Francisco

Couture collection of Jean Paul Gaultier at De Young Museum in San Francisco Seen on Lady and Mr Bear Blog


Fourth generation jeweler Charles Winston grew up in the jewelry industry starting at the age of 17 in his fathers business. He started by learning to grade and sort loose diamonds for quality and color. Eventually Charles was promoted to work in the department that designed and fabricated some of the most fabulous jewelry. Developing a eye for quality and style, years later he formed his own jewelry manufacturing company, producing quality jewelry at an affordable price point. Looking at his jewelry, you can easily mistake his lines for quality jewelry in the thousands. His line is certainly a find!

“I remember watching people as they stared into the showroom windows, nose pressed against the glass. Even then, I would think to myself about how nice it would be if all women could afford to wear these elegant creations of fine jewelry.” – Charles Winston